24 January 2011

What's in My Purse!

Of course I wanted to join all the fun. My purse always has a few surprise items.

Here's what's in my purse?

1. January's Issue of Shape Magazine
I've already read this cover to cover, I keep it in my purse for inspiration, meal ideas, etc.
2. January's Urban Outfitter's Catalogue 
I wish I could afford everything in there. I like to keep it in my purse for shopping purchases!
3. January's JCREW Catalogue
Same reason as number 2
4. My Sunglasses and case
I bought these in St. Kitts. I have sensitive eyes, so I always try to keep a pair of sunglasses in my purse.

5. Choir Music
Yes, my purse is big enough to contain my choral music... 
6. My Moleskine Planner
I can't go anywhere without this planner. If I do, I usually overbook myself. 
7. Simply Vera Wang Wallet
This wallet has been my favorite so far, it's from the Simply Vera Wang collection at Kohls!
8. Bianca Spray, multivitamin, ibuprofen, and hand sanitizer
9. Broken necklace
10. Downtown Lincoln Go to Guide
11. C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint/Shine in Rose Shimmer and Ultra
12. Loose Change!
13. Random Business Cards
13. My Craft Moleskine Notebook
I write my daily journal in here as well as what I'm reading in the Bible and my prayers
14. Paper♥Mate Flair Pens
I love these pens. They just make my day! I hate leaving home without them! Also, these are 16 and cheaper to buy medium tips at Target!
Not pictured items:
My cellphone
My ipod (I was using it to take pictures)
No, that is not a real Coach bag!

What's in your purse? I always ♥ to see what other women carry in their bags!

Coming up tomorrow: My Budget, What I'm Watching, Blog Goals for the Year

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