23 January 2011


I've been working with a wonderful gal named Amy (48 emails back and forth), who so graciously helped me redesign my blog! From my name to the header to her putting much time and effort, I can say that One Day at A Time is now officially Ren Was Here!

How did I get that name?
Ren was my nickname in highschool. It's the last 3 letters of my name, LauREN.

Where did you get the idea for you header?
I have always loved to doodle and I thought, what better way than to add my own doodles to my blog (Amy did a lot of work to make it look like my doodling).

Hope you like!


  1. It's cute! :) Glad you figured out the buttons on the side! You did a great job!

  2. No, you did a great job!