25 January 2011

My Budget

One of my goals this year, creating a budget, and I've done exactly that!
Here's how I did it.

I labeled ... envelopes:
1) Tithe
2) Savings
3) Debt
4) Bills
5) Needs
6) Gas
7) Fun

1. Tithe
Each week I take 10% of my earnings and give them back to God.

2. Savings
My goal is to save at least $150 a month (insert link for January Goals). I've already saved almost $300 this month. This makes me giddy, because I thought it would be hard, but I've been doing so well with my tips (I'm a waitress), that I've amost doubled my goal.

3. Debt
I have a bit of debt. I'm going to be honest. It's not a huge amount, but it is still there. I was already able to pay off a store credit card, and make a good payment on my other card! I should be done in just a few months.Then I can concentrate on my loan. Thankfully, I have a stipen to pay for a lot of my loan! God is awesome!

4. Bills
Every month I have a few bills that need to be payed for.
Gym Membership
Phone Bill
I'm Thankful that I don't have many bills to pay for! The rest of the money helps out in other areas. I always have some leftover! I'm thinking about moving to a gym that is closer! That would be just amazing!

5. Needs
This category was quickly depleted at the beginning of the month because of my lost cell phone in Puerto Rico and a new choir dress for my choir. It's a required dress. :(
Oh well. I hope this to be my on hand savings. For any needs that arise.

6) Gas
This is self-explanatory.

7) Fun
Fun and gas get a very small percentage each week, but, I try and make my fun money last. Fun money is for outings, coffee, concerts, magazines, books, etc. Just as it sounds.

I don't know if this is the correct way to do a budget, but it works for me so far! I'm so glad I've implemented it. Sadly to say, this is the longest I've kept up a budget and it's only been 3 weeks!

Do you have a budget? How do you do it?

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  1. Ren I have an awesome budget spreadsheet that my friend created for me if you'd like it! Let me know