24 January 2011

My Weekend: 1/21-1/23

4. Breaking the Fast
Woo! For all of my readers who didn't know, I decided to fast, not just blogging and other social media, but also food. On Friday night, I went to my place of employment to break my fast with two good friends. The food was good and the company was even more enjoyable! I had saganaki - fried cheese (flambe′d), a side greek salad, a hot and spicy gyro (pronounced: yearo) and greek fries. Yum and yummier. I didn't even take pictures because I was so hungry.

3. Waka Winter Classic AKA Battle of the Bands
I love The Bourbon. It's a local concert venue in good old Lincoln. On friday night, I went to the Waka Winter Classic with my wonderful friend Christina. There were 5 local bands battling to see who would make it to Wakarusa, a summer music festival in Arkansas. I missed the first two bands, but the third band, The Midland Band who won last year, was phenomenal! The fourth band was good and I missed the fifth band because I was so tired!
It decided to snow like 5 inches saturday night. I wasn't super excited, it ruined all my plans. I was suppose to hang out with a friend and watch a movie, and then attend a concert. A friend's band was playing. I was so disappointed I couldn't see his band, I was on the list and everything. :(
1. Sunday Night Movie
Sunday night was a makeover movie night. Spending time with my friend Abigail is always great. She came out to eat with my family after church, and then later on, we sat down and watched the movie "The Thrill of It All". I've watched this movie many times as a kid. It's great to rewatch it. I will definitely need to add this to my movie collection. I love Doris Day. I have not one single movie with her in it. I need to change that!

What did you do this weekend?
Coming up later today: How Not To Be Alone, What's in My Purse, What I'm Listening To

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