11 January 2013

Cambodia Beginnings Part 1

I've been here for a little over a week and I feel like I've been here forever! I thought my life had completely changed in the lecture phase of DTS, but God is radically doing a new work in my life right here in Cambodia! I thought just maybe missions was something I just needed to get out of my system and go back the the real world, but God is already shattering these thoughts. Missions is my calling! It's scary to think that I will have to rely on people to support me, but my God will provide.
Cambodia is a fairly new country. In the sense that most of the people living in Cambodia are under 35 because of the Genocide in the 70s. Most are quite friendly! I was a bit scared to come to an Asian country only because I know a lot of them do not like black people. But, my skin color is close to a darker Cambodian. I am in love with these people! They are sweet and most have servant hearts! The first month of ministry we are working with a local church. The pastor is an older Cambodian, amazing man of God! He is always serving our team in one way or another, even if its just a smile. The church has an English school which we are primarily working with. The students are between the ages of 14-20s. The age varies though. We also help out with the Sunday morning service and Sunday school. I gave the sermon last Sunday! It was so fun! A lot different then the states since I spoke with a translator! I spoke on Freedom, Change and Hope. We also help with youth group on Sunday evenings.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

It's today! I'm going to Cambodia for 2 months! I'm sitting on the floor of the airport, charging my iPhone and reading a book, while sipping on Starbucks. I'm leaving the comfortable for the adventure of a lifetime! I've been bad about updating on this here blog, but I do exist and am doing well! My team is holding up well and we are all giddy with excitement, playing on our devices, reading our books, and buying Skype credits! Which is what I will do so I can call home!
Thanks for all your prayers and support, all my my money came in right on time! Hours before I left for Christmas! In the last few hours of the night the rest of the money that people needed came in 1500 bucks! God is so good!
I hope to send out an update in Korea! Love and bless, and Happy New Year!