21 November 2013

christmas music is my favorite.

christmas music is my favorite.

it stinks when you think you're out of a funk, but you realize you've just been able to hide it for awhile. my birthday last week helped.

i realized today that i'm just as lonely as my first day in arizona. i realized today that a certain problem that i thought had gotten better is eating away at me. i realized today that i'm lonely. i realized today i have made friends, but i feel like i'm at the point of bugging most of them. i realized today that i'm not enjoying things or reaching out as much.

you know those shows and movies where the characters just need to dance out a problem. meredith grey always seemed to feel better after she had danced out her problems. i always laughed and thought she was silly. but as i was feeling quite down, i cranked up my christmas music in my ear buds and just jammed out to "sleigh ride." and you know what? i felt better. i truly didn't care who saw me. and i truly felt my problems dissolve. even if it was for a few minutes.

they say it's always darkest before the dawn.

20 November 2013


i have all these wonderful ideas swirling through my head. i'm excited about the blog launch.

i have a lot of projects stacked up and i feel that i've stopped consuming and have been consumed.

i feel like i was back in college, except take school and switch it with work and take my blog and switch with my jobs back in school. my life outside of school/work was a sliver of my existence.

i'm being swallowed up.

i enjoy so many things, but i haven't had the pleasure of purely enjoying them as of late.

i'm behind on my devotions and bible reading.
i haven't journaled this week.
i'm not done with that blanket i'm crocheting.
my books are collecting dust.

this saturday, i bid to work some OT. i didn't get the bid, i think that's a beautiful sign. a sign for me to take a holiday.

i'm taking a holiday this saturday. i'm going to rise early, pack all my "writing" gear, pack my reading books, my devotions, and my art stuff and travel to the heart of phoenix. to one of my favorite coffee shops. i'm not going to worry about paleo, or anyone or anything for that matter. i'm going to have much needed "me time."

sometimes that's needed. i'll be able to work on the new blog. read and hopefully finish a book. work on some journaling and future planning. and make sure i'm getting the rest and me time i need to keep functioning without giving up or burning out.

how do you take or get your "me" time in?

16 November 2013

on being 27

this has been a pretty fantastic week!

i'm not 27 and i don't feel any different, just more special!

this was a great birthday.
simple, calm, and special.

i keep using that word, but that's how i feel!

i don't think i really took any photos on my birthday. 
but here are my birthday goodies!

From top left to bottom: scrap-booking cards, birthday cards, Practical Paleo cookbook, leather jacket, leather journal ESV Bible, Amazon Kindle gift card, Rifle Paper Co notebooks from target, statement necklace, Starbucks gift card. (not pictured: vera bradley wallet/phone holder)

I have such wonderful family and friends!
Have a wonderful weekend

10 November 2013

27 before 28

I didn't post 26 before 27 because I wasn't blogging at the time due to my schedule in YWAM.

But I'm excited for this years list.

It's varied, it's long, but it's actually doable. One of them I can cross off sometime this month!

  1. launch my new blog
  2. document my 27th year with project life
  3. journal at least once a week
  4. read through the bible
  5. visit the grand canyon
  6. sew at least one piece of clothing (really, how long have i had this on a list)
  7. learn at least 20 songs on guitar 
  8. learn to speak basic french
  9. learn to speak basic spanish
  10. grow out my hair
  11. move into my own place
  12. have daily quiet times with God
  13. go on spontaneous road trip
  14. spend more time baking
  15. write more letters
  16. find a craft and hone in on my skills
  17. find a place to volunteer
  18. exercise my singing voice in some capacity
  19. visit one major city outside of phoenix
  20. explore phoenix
  21. get involved with a local church
  22. find a community/set of friends
  23. learn to extend grace and forgiveness
  24. begin to dream big
  25. start walking again
  26. learn at least 10 crochet stitches
  27. go to disney land

09 November 2013

on being 26

this is my last weekend as a 26 year old.

this may seem small, but i'm saying goodbye to my mid-twenties and embracing the late ones.

i've done so many things this past year.

  • moved to a new state
  • got a new job
  • bought a car
  • went to cambodia
  • graduated YWAM
  • lived with all 5 members of my family (again)

but i'm excited to see what 27 will bring.
there will be more hard moments.

but i'm ready, 27 - BRING IT ON!

08 November 2013

hey you guys

i'm still blogging, i promise.

i'm actually working on my brand new blog. i know i could have renamed this blog. but i want a brand new start. a clean new slate.
you want to see a sneak peek? here it is:

what do you think?

i also am not sure what i'm going to with this blog. i may retire this one. or change it up. not sure... i'm just ready to start the new one. i haven't bought my own url, but by the first of 2014, it will be all mine!

i decided to take a day off of work and have a long birthday weekend. my birthday is on the 11th. and as much as i'd like to launch my blog, on my birthday. i'm just not sure i want to spend all weekend working on it.

this morning i had the best breakfast i'd had in a long time. and... it was paleo!

  • trader joe's unsweetened applesauce
  • trader joe's pumpkin butter
  • nitrate and nitrite free ham
  • boiled egg
it was super simple, filling, and really good. the only problem is i've been having some stomach issues. not sure if i'm sick or just not processing the food i've been eating. so even my paleo friendly foods have been disrupting my stomach.

any suggestions? anyone else eating paleo? anyone out there? 

have a fantastic weekend!