08 November 2013

hey you guys

i'm still blogging, i promise.

i'm actually working on my brand new blog. i know i could have renamed this blog. but i want a brand new start. a clean new slate.
you want to see a sneak peek? here it is:

what do you think?

i also am not sure what i'm going to with this blog. i may retire this one. or change it up. not sure... i'm just ready to start the new one. i haven't bought my own url, but by the first of 2014, it will be all mine!

i decided to take a day off of work and have a long birthday weekend. my birthday is on the 11th. and as much as i'd like to launch my blog, on my birthday. i'm just not sure i want to spend all weekend working on it.

this morning i had the best breakfast i'd had in a long time. and... it was paleo!

  • trader joe's unsweetened applesauce
  • trader joe's pumpkin butter
  • nitrate and nitrite free ham
  • boiled egg
it was super simple, filling, and really good. the only problem is i've been having some stomach issues. not sure if i'm sick or just not processing the food i've been eating. so even my paleo friendly foods have been disrupting my stomach.

any suggestions? anyone else eating paleo? anyone out there? 

have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I like your new blog name!!

  2. Oh congrats!! Can't wait to start the new journey with you!