28 December 2009

Call Me Crazy!

I can't believe the New Year starts on Friday! It feels like 2009 just started. With a new year comes new years resolutions. I've decided against resolutions and have decided for goals.
Goals are a lot more attainable I think. Instead of having that daunting resolution that you know you will break, I'd rather have a goal that I can reach towards.

So, here is an abbreviated list of my goals. They are lofty, but I hope they will keep me going in Twenty-Ten!

1) Spiritual
    a) Spend at least 30 minutes with God / Daily
    b) Keep a prayer journal / Daily
    c) Keep up with the Lincoln City Women's Bible Study
2) Physical
    a) Workout at least 5 days / Weekly
    b) Be able to run 12 miles by Dec. 31, 2010
3) Mental
    a) Read at least one book / Monthly
    b) Keep a journal / Daily    
4) Extra-curricular
    a) Do a sewing project / Monthly
    b) Go out for coffee on Sunday Nights
    c) Participate in Music / Weekly
    d) Blog 5 Times / Weekly

As I said lofty goals. Not all of them are listed. But I think with God's help I can accomplish them. I really want to amp up my prayer life and spend more time with God. I struggle with that. I think everyone does. 

Call me crazy... But what can I say? I'm a list writer, that's what I do...
Happy New Year!

24 December 2009

Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas! Jesus is born. I pray that you have peace this Christmas, please pray that my family does also.

Yes, I'm totally rocking the plaid! I'm snuggled up with my Naked Juice and my two books I'm reading for January. God Bless!

21 December 2009

Only love proves to be the truth

I can't believe I haven't written since the end of November. I was so excited about writing! What happened? Was I too bogged down?

I feel that I blog when I'm stressed or feel that God has put something on my heart. I haven't been ignoring God, I just feel distant. I hate that I go through seasons. I wish I was always on with God. But,  I seem to struggle in many areas of my life. Eating, dieting, blogging. You get the idea.

Christmas is a holiday that I look forward to every year. But as I get older, I realize how much my life has changed. I'm no longer dying to see what "big" present I got, I'm now just excited that I don't have to work for a week.

I feel that Christmas has gotten out of hand. We traded in Jesus' birth for the newest Apple product. We've started practicing greed instead of giving, commercialism instead of sharing, envy instead of thankfulness.  Christmas, if not careful, can cause brokenness. Brokenness in the bank, brokenness in relationships, and brokenness (in a negative way) in our own hearts.

I went to the mall to grab a card because I needed to send a package. People bumped into me and I apologized, I was greeted with grunts and glares. People weren't smiling. Maybe they're unhappy because this Christmas will put them in the red. Maybe they're upset because this Christmas they are alone. Maybe they're disagreeable because this Christmas they have been left. I don't know, but I smiled and showed kindness.

I left the mall very upset. Not because I spent too much money, or couldn't find the "perfect gift." I was upset because people weren't happy. Isn't this suppose to be "the most wonderful time of the year?" As I was discussing this very subject with a good friend, we both agreed we felt more like Scrooge this year the Santa Claus.

I told him that why do people stress about Christmas? Why do they go broke, etc.? We should be practicing Christmas all year.

How do we do that? Well, John 3:16 sums it up. God's love. That's it. It's so simple. Almost too simple. I know I've been sucked into "the spirt of Christmas." I'm not talking about the love, but the greed, loneliness, commercialism, etc.

So, as you are spending your time these next couple of days before Christmas Day, remember "the reason for the season." Remember that the reason extends Christmas, it extends religion, it extends race, it extends ethnicity, it extends gender, it extends time, it extends earth.

"Only love proves to be the truth." These are the lines of song that just happened to be on while I'm typing.  It's creepy. God is an amazing God.

Merry Christmas,

30 November 2009

Cyber Mondays

If you haven't already checked your email, you've probably received at least a handful of adds on Cyber Monday! Cyber Monday is the Black Friday of the internet. Of course there were wonderful deals on Black Friday and even Thanksgiving Day sales.

Cyber Monday is just another day of mass consumerism. I am guilty of this sin. I feel like I have to spend as much time trying to find the best deal.

When it comes down to it, I end up shopping for myself and not for others. Although, Cyber Monday is filled with free shippings and 25% offs, it makes me buy things that I don't really need or gifts that aren't really that thoughtful.

So, in th future, even if it's a quick buy. I should prayerfully consider it. Because, I don't need to spend loads of money on junk.

25 November 2009

Top Ten Tuesdays on Wednesday

I've been about a day behind. But I can do it! 
TOP TEN Reasons Why I Love Thanksgiving!
1. FOOD - It would be a lie if I said anything before food. I mean come on. Thanksgiving is a vegetarians best friend. So many side dishes to choose from not containing Mr. Meat!
2. FAMILY - The family from Omaha is coming over!
3. Working Out - Gym is open all this weekend. Gotta work off all that pie!
4. Shopping - Yes, I will be at Target at 5 am. Just need some java!
5. Cleaning- I will have time to actually spend some quality time cleaning my room, car, and doing the pile of laundry that is growing by the second.
6. Down Time - Be able to just relax and enjoy the eggnog.
7. Christmas movies - You can listen without getting "those" looks.
8. Snow - Ok, I usually don't like snow, but I will tolerate snow for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
9. Smells - The house smells of baked goods. I'm hungry... :)
10. CHRISTMAS!! - Christmas is just around the corner

24 November 2009

Media Monday

I didn't have any blogging creativity on Friday, thus no blog.

The creativity is not flowing today, but I will try my best.

This week: TWITTER

It seems like everyone these days has a twitter. If you don't have one now, you will eventually give in and tweet.
For a lot of people TWITTER is unknown territory. What is a tweet? Is a hashtag something you eat? Why have we reduced our lives to 140 characters?
Here is the Twitter language as define by Wikipedia, twitter wiki(wiki's will be explained in a later session), wepodedia.
Twitter: is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets.
Tweets: are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author's profile page and delivered to the author's subscribers who are known as followers.
@lmwilliams: I really love Thanksgiving!
Retweet: Abbreviated as RT, shows  you are tweeting content that has been posted by another user. Example RT@lmwilliams2009
How it would look on twitter:
@yourname: RT @lmwilliams2009 I really love Thanksgiving!

Hashtag: This one I'm going to define myself. Basically it is a way of grouping certain subjects or topics. It is the number sign followed by your topic of discussion. Example #laurensblog.
A more clear example of how that would look would be:
@yourname: I read Lauren's blog and it was very informatative #laurensblog.
This "hashtag" becomes a link that you can click and it will come to link that will show others who have added that hashtag in their tweet.

These are the basics of twitter. There are so many things you can do with a twitter. You can use it as advertising for your blog, let people know how your day is going, share a favorite link or recipe, even update people on upcoming events and shorter bible verses. They are great for bloggers, groups, businesses, even churches and pastors.
If you are interested you can sign up at Twitter
If you have any questions you can click here to email me!
Last but not least, here is a little hint to help you if you want to put a long link in a very short 140 character space.
Twitter has come up with this nifty little think that shortens urls (links to websites). All you have to do is go to bit.ly  and enter the url.
Hope this helps! Please comment about future media blogs!

God Bless,
Lauren aka lmwilliams2009.twitter.com

19 November 2009

Thankful Thursday

As I was driving in my car this morning, I was trying to figure out what I could be thankful about. Today I feel some type of sickness coming on, but I'm thankful it's not the flu!
Today, I'm thankful for the freedom of speech! I've been thinking a lot about this topic since President Obama has been Asia. He has been pressing that China have more freedom. I'm so blessed to live in a nation that allows me to write this blog and worship my GOD. This is a short blog just because I'm not feeling the greatest, but that doesn't mean I'm any less thankful.
Thank you GOD!

Dear Lord,

Dear Lord,
Help me with my procrastination. Help me feel ready to get up, no matter what. Help me not to be a gossip. Help me to LOVE! This I pray, amen!

18 November 2009

Weigh-in Wednesday

I'm chuckling to myself about my weird fascination with alliterations. Wednesdays will probably be my hardest day because I am allowing myself to be vulnerable and honest. But, if I can't talk about my successes and failures, I'm lying to myself.

Spiritually: I am doing quite well spiritually. I am enjoying my quiet moments with the Lord. I am so excited for my calling and am trying to incorporate that in my current position. I feel my spiritual growth has doubled or even tripled in such a short period of time.

Physically: Everything's great... moving on.
I wish I could tell you I've been as diligent with my exercise as I have been seeking God. I just started working out again and really need to get on the ball. Sometimes, I feel like it's ok to not workout and be a little more on the heavy side, but I realize that my body is a temple of God and how I treat my body is how I'm treating God. When I think of it that way, I better start putting things that are healthy ie, fruits, veggies, whole grains, and shy away from the "fatty" foods ie, ice cream, cookies, soda, french fries. I also need to push my self when I workout, not kill myself, just make sure I'm breaking a sweat. My goal is to be around 135 and I have quite a lot of weight to lose. But, I am confident that I can exceed my goal. The other goal I have is to run a marathon. 30 lbs to my goal! I have been drinking around 48-64oz of water a day, but the hardest thing for me is to sleep through the night. Last night was the first time I slept through the night in a long time. Today I feel rested and ready for the day which is awesome! Thank you God, for answering prayers!

Emotionally: These past few weeks my emotions seem to be all over the place. One minute, I'm happy the next minute I'm so angry. I blame it on my lack of sleep, but I still need to have control of my emotions. So, yesterday I took a deep breath and tried not to be as sensitive as I have been. I even faked excitement instead of treating people like there accomplishments don't matter.

Mentally: I took the practice GRE last Saturday, and let's just say that my scores were less than desirable. So, I'm starting from the beginning. I'm taking an open online Algebra course. It isn't for credit, but it has lessons, tests, and assignments, the best part though, it's free! I'm also doing a government course by the same website. I was able to find the books via interlibrary loan, one of the perks of working at NWU. I'm also educating myself on money: budgeting, saving, spending.

Wow, that wasn't as hard as I thought it would be! I'm excited for all the things that are developing my life!
God Bless,

17 November 2009

Top Ten Tuesdays

As promised, here is my daily blog.
TOP TEN Things I'm Excited For This Week:
1) Glee Episode (Wednesday Nights on FOX) - As a singer, this show for me is the cherry on top.
2) Star Trek -  This dvd came out today. If I wasn't on a budget, I would totally go out and buy it. But, I decided to pay some bills and get a concert ticket. This movie will have to wait. But, I can't wait to own it.
3) John Mayer's New CD - I haven't heard it yet, but I am excited to preview it. I don't listen to much pop music, but I am excited to see what this musical genius has created.
4) Wednesday Night Church - I absolutely love getting together with my church family and this intimate setting is no exception.
5) Service Friday! - I call Fridays my service day because I do my volunteering on those days. I am a mentor at a local middle school and I hand out backpacks of food to an elementary school.
6) Getting back into a workout routine - It has been so hard trying to workout after my hiatus, but I am doing the NWU Fitness Challenge, so I am going to get my 20 hrs before DEC 11. 19.5 hrs to go!
7) Starting my sewing project - I got a sewing machine last week for my birthday and have a huge sewing project to tackle. I'm nervous, but super excited to get started.
8) Knitting - I finished my first scarf of the year this weekend and am working on my second one. They will make perfect gifts and they are inexpensive and practical.
9) Diversity Festival -  There is a Diversity Festival this weekend at Wesleyan. I am super excited to be part of the workships and enjoy the culture.
10) Snow - It hasn't snowed in Lincoln yet!!
9 Days Until Thanksgiving, 38 Days Until Christmas, 44 Days Until the New Year

16 November 2009


If I am going to improve my writing skills, I must first dust them off. I feel so inconsistent in some parts of my life. Cleaning, working out, blogging... So, I've decided if I have themes for each week day, I will be more motivated to write more. I have so many goals and aspirations and not enough motivation. I am the worlds biggest procrastinator, I forget the wonderful feeling of accomplishment when I get something done. For example, this weekend I knitted a scarf. I actually started it and finished it. It didn't come out exactly as I had planned it, but it will work. Instead of ignoring the important, I've decided to just do it and be DONE!

With that said, I will give each day a theme:
Media Mondays
Top Ten Tuesdays
Weigh in Wednesdays
Thankful Thursdays
Frank Fridays

If you know me, I love alliterations! I will now explain each one.
Media Mondays: I will review a movie, show, music, books, whatever.
Top Ten Tuesdays: I will have a top ten list of something different each week.
Weigh in Wednesdays: Weigh in how I'm doing spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.
Thankful Thursdays: I will be thankful for anything and everything.
Frank Fridays: This is where I will tell it like it is...

I will also try and blog when I find something interesting or just need to write...
The Grumpy Toast aka Lauren

08 October 2009

Life in the ... Lane

My life has been pretty good. I have nothing to complain about. I just need to organize, organize, organize. I started a cake decorating class this past Monday. I plan to put up a new blog on my cake decorating adventures. I have no idea how to get the word about my blog, and if anyone actually reads it. Any suggestions? Haha, that's funny to ask an unknown audience.
That's all for now.

01 October 2009

My Life in a Nutshell

It's finally October... It feels like I've been waiting forever! I have so many goals for this month. Me and goals aren't best friends... But we've been working on our relationship. I am working on a letter for a friend, but I think what I will tell my friend in the letter, I can inform my blog readers how the world of Lauren is going.
I seem to be making my life purposefully busy. My schedule is busy enough. Monday nights in the month of October will be Cake Decorating at Michael's. (Gossip Girl is DVRd) Tuesday nights is 90210 and Melrose Place. Wednesday nights I have church. (Glee and America's Next Top Model on the Tube) Thursdays two choirs and there's the great shows of Vampire Diaries and TOP MODEL (mi favorito).
On Fridays, I volunteer at "The Table" and I handout backpacks at Clinton Elementary!
I have picked up or rekindled some hobbies -- sewing, knitting, crocheting, and cake decorating. I'm excited for my class!!
I decided to join an online book club. This month is Vanity Fair. It's a huge book, but I realized we had it on the shelf.
It's getting late and The Vampire Dates is getting good.

Lauren-- The Grumpy Toast

28 September 2009


It's interesting to listen to students and what their weekends entailed. I am schocked that they don't remember huge chunks and how it was the "best weekend ever."
I had the "best weekend ever." I didn't have to go downtown or to the hottest party, I didn't have to spend oodles of money or travel all around the city. I spent my time with a good friend at the Lincoln Brewster Concert, volunteered at my church for Angel Food, and just relaxed at home. I loved every minute of it.
I'm so glad God has changed my life and my vision for my life.
Praise be to God!

22 September 2009

Welcome Autumn

Fall is officially here! Autumn is my favorite season. I love the how the trees change colors, how the air turns crisp, and how I get to wear sweatshirts and sweaters. I love having an excuse to bake, drink hot apple cider, and to breathe in the wonderful smells of autumn. Life has been slow as of late; I'm enjoying this lull, the calm before the storm.
I feel recently that God is listening and answering my prayers, but I feel like he is a million miles away. I know that these things happen and I love talking with Him, but I don't appreciate the distance.
I am glad I had a reason to revive my blog and a reason to exercise my writing skills. They are a quite rusty.
My newest passion has been crafting/sewing/knitting/crocheting. I always seem to want to craft when the weather gets colder. At the moment I'm working on my sisters presents for her 12th birthday. I decided to give her 12 gifts. Not all of them are big and some I will make. I bought materials to make her a bag for her music books.
But, I need to stop procrastinating and get ready for work.
More later...
The Grumpy Toast

07 July 2009

Day 1: Lincoln, NE to Rapid City, SD

Wow, can't believe it's been a whole day. It was a great trip. Everyone was in a pretty good mood. Between singing Michael Jackson songs, stopping and seeing the beautiful landscape of South Dakota. Visited this petrified forest place (dive) but it was good. Also, there were too many cows everywhere. As a new vegetarian I didn't appreciate why they were fattening themselves in the pasture. The pictures are from Chamberlain, SD. The video is also from Chamberlain. Now I'm watching an encore of MICHAEL JACKSON Memorial... CIAO!

29 May 2009

God Put A Smile Upon (My) Face

I heard the news yesterday. I had received the position at Americorps. I was excited. Almost too stunned to actually believe it had happened. All of my prayers and patience had worked. Or more importantly, God's hand had been upon it.

This morning at 8am, I had my final interview and I filled out paper work for two hours. It was long, it was tedious, but it is now done. There is so much to to do to work for the Government.

I'm estatic about the position. But I realize that haze for next year has been pushed forward and I now have a whole year somewhat planned out for me. Now I will only need to worry about getting my grant-writing class done, and studying for the GRE. I'm rather excited that I now have a plan for the Fall, but I realize that it will be like nothing I have ever experienced.

To God be the glory!

28 May 2009

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

“I waited patiently for the LORD; he turned to me and heard my cry.” Psalm 40:1 (NIV)

I love this verse because it reminds me that God hears our cries and our desires. He is always there. It’s up to me to believe that He will answer my prayers. In James 5, the second half talks about of the prayer of Faith. Basically if we back our prayers with faith, God feels the sincerity of our hearts.

I don’t like waiting. I never have. Right now, I am waiting to hear whether I made it into the Americorps Vista program. I’m not exactly sure when I will find out, but until then, I need to trust God that He has everything under control. If I don’t get in, I won’t be discouraged; I will just be looking for another job. The problem is that I am only planning on working in Lincoln for a year, and then I will be off for Graduate school. This coming year is a haze; I’m not use to that, because I have always had school to look forward too. But now I’m done at least for now.

I’m sitting. What do I mean by sitting? I mean I’m sitting instead of worrying about what is next. I’m listening for God and what he has to say.

I’m waiting. I’m not going to be frantically running things in my head, but just patiently wait for the outcome of my situation.

I’m wishing. I can wish, ok I’m going to change that word to pray. I’m praying for God’s Will to be revealed whatever the outcome is.

As I sit, wait, and pray, I am thankful for everything God has provided for me!

27 May 2009

The Art of Business

I love to stay busy. Texting a friend the other day, I told her that my life, after my college graduation, has been boring, because I haven't been busy. I love being busy! Every minute of the day, I feel I need to be doing something constructive, or my idea of constructive. I have been trying to stay busy, I just finished my Americorps application. I have have a list of 25 books to read this summer and I've already finished 2 of these books. I am also studying for the GRE. I've even started working out again to fill my day.

But, there are things that I could be doing that I haven't. Looking for another job, as both of my current jobs are looking gloomier and gloomier. I also need to write thank-you notes for my graduation. I had been really good at receiving something, and right away writing my heartfelt thanks for whatever I had received. I could be cleaning my room which needs re-organizing and maybe even some pitching of things I horde.

Maybe my idea of busy is making sure I'm doing the things I want to do. That doesn't sound right. That sounds more like selfishness. I'm selfish. Admitting it is the first step. But, I need to not just admit, but commit to the fact that I have priorities that I have decided are unimportant because I just don't want to do them. I think if I were to get these things accomplished, I wouldn't have this dreading feeling in the pit of my stomach that I should be doing something.

That's it! That's the feeling. The feeling that I should be doing something because I'm supposed to be doing something. Since I have always put off something or another, I wonder what it feels like to truly have nothing to do? Have put this feeling upon myself? Have I made my life feel lacking just because I haven't put my sheep in the right pasture?

If I can commit to getting these priorities done, I definetely feel accomplished rather than always waiting for that next thing to take my mind of important matters.

"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13 (NASB)

20 May 2009

Life after Graduation

Life after Graduation:
less stressful
more time to relax
more work hours available
more responsibility
time for studying for the GRE
being able to read
ahhh... breath of fresh air

05 May 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Today was a great day. My group presentation went well and I hope that the teacher thought it was good. I can't wait to graduate! Just a few short weeks. Tomorrow is a pretty simple day:
11:00 Class
3:00 Class

Life is getting easy! Yay!

What? He dies by scarf? Of course!

It is 7:10 on a hopefully beautiful morning. I haven't seen the sun yet for sure. "Partly sunny. A 20 percent chance of thunderstorms late in the afternoon. Highs in the lower 70s. South winds 10 to 20 mph." Yep, it's definitely spring. I have a presentation/panel discussion this morning, I pray that it goes ok. I should be getting ready, but I just had to write on here. I need to do more writing, that's the only way I will improve.
Schedule Today:
8:30 - India: Class Presentation - Hand in papers
11:30 - Computer Publishing - Finish Newsletter and Newspaper
2:00 - Photography II
7:30 - Choral Concert - Hand in program to Mister Norris

Finish 20th Century Piece
List of possible works to go into Portfolio

I will be relieved when today is over.

27 April 2009

Today is the Day!!

Today is the day of my Senior Recital. I have skipped my first two classes and I love the power. I have mentally practiced once and will probably do it a couple more times today. The only class I'm going to today is my voice lesson, so my voice teacher can warm me up and see how my voice is. Today I've been quite congested and I am trying at all costs not to talk. I already prayed once today and once last night for it not to rain tonight.
"Dear God,
I pray that today will go smoothly. Help me in everything I need to do.
I pray that my family will have peace today.
I pray for my voice to be full.
I pray that I am doing this with a grateful heart.
I love You and thank You for everything You have already done.
Ok, now three times.
This "Grumpy Toast" is out.

26 April 2009

That's Not My Name

The title of my blog tonight, is the title of the new catchy song in my head. I can't believe my recital is tomorrow. This blog will be brief because of that. I'm not going to my first two classes tomorrow. I'm rather excited for not having to go. More tomorrow and pre-concert jitters.
Lauren M....
BTW: My voice is almost back!!

22 April 2009

While sitting on the couch eating a bowl of cereal, I've been contemplating a lot of things. Like how wrapped up I get in Facebook and Twitter. How I feel guilty for not writing in my blog to document everything that happens to me. I can't believe I've let the internet run my life. Life isn't life until I've updated my status on Facebook, read my emails at gmail, told everyone where I would be on Twitter, and check to see if I can wear short sleeves today at weather.com. Life wasn't always this complicated. You got up, you got ready, you did what you needed to do. There was no internet to distract you.

In just 3 1/2 short weeks. I will be done with undergrad school forever. I can't believe that this chapter in my life will soon be over. But I know God has great things in store for me!

07 April 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Today has been a pretty good day. Since I have one reader on this blog, I don't really update it. But if I keep writing and letting people know about it, I could possibly get a stronger readership. My life has been busy, but one by one things are drifting off. Opera is now done. Now I have more times for my 10 classes, actually now 9 classes. I can't believe I only have 5 weeks until graduation. I need to find a job and finish applying to grad schools. I also need to study for the GRE. On Friday, we're suppose to bring in a humorous story. I've got nothing. Oh well. Hopefully something will come to me.
In a couple of minutes I go audition for some opportunities to sing at the end of the semester. Wish me luck! More info later!

Later on...
I had a pretty good day. It's 9:05 pm and I'm done with the majority of my homework. The audition went very well, hopefully tomorrow I find out who got the spots. There were 4 auditionors and 3 spots. The one act rehearsal went really well. I also made up with a friend, so all in all, it was a long but very productive day. I have so much to do that has nothing to do with homework.
  1. Email Matt Kadavy
  2. Start Studying for the GRE
  3. Keep working on Grad Apps
  4. Go over voice songs
Tomorrow's Schedule
7 am - Awake/Get Ready
8 am - Breakfast/Go to Hair Salon
9 am - Get Hair Done
11 am - Feature Writing Class - Joke Due (IDK a joke!)
12 pm - UChoir (Audition??)
1 pm - Quick Lunch/Practice
2 pm - Voice Lesson
3 pm - Theory
4 pm - Rehearsal
6 pm - Go to Church
9 pm - Model Pictures

WOW! I still have to read homework tomorrow. Maybe I will do that tonight. 50 pages worth reading. Kind of ridiculous.

Tomorrow is a brand new day!
Lauren M.

16 February 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

I swear I'm the busiest person alive. But there will always be someone busier. Recently, I've been sloppy in keeping my schedule, this sloppiness, has made me overbook, get up way too early, and just feel overwhelmed. I'm hoping this week, I can conquer my bit of laziness. I should be finishing up my paper that is due at 11 AM. But, I needed to take a break, so that I won't go insane. The last paper I did for my class, I wrote almost a week in advance. I should have done that for this paper. Again, I just need to get back into the swing of things. Recently, I've been re-evaluating my life, not enjoying who I was becoming. I'm trying to take a 180 degree turn, but it is hard. I just need to give everything to God, and realize I can do nothing without him. I also need to make sure I'm not overworking myself. Last semester, it was easy to be super busy, because I was right there on campus. Now, it's extremely difficult. 

19 January 2009

Happy MLK Day

Today is my last day of winter break. I don't think I'm ready to start school, but I am excited. I have a lot to do today, and no desire to do anything. I just need to get back into the swing of things.
Here is my list of things to do for today:
1) Unpack/Put away
2) Laundry
3) Clean Room
4) Buy Supplies
5) Clean out Car
My life is always busy. Well, I should get things done. Have a blessed day and I'm actually pretty excited about school tomorrow!
8-9:45 Culture of India
11-12:45 Computer Publishing
2-3:30 Photography 2