29 April 2011

Interesting Day

So, today was an interesting day. I was mostly in bed because I felt awful. But, I willed myself to feel better this afternoon and went to work!

I had all great tables that ordered lots and tipped pretty well (for the most part) and my second to last table must have adored me because, they kept complimenting me. My looks, my service, and just overall how I was great. Then the weirdest thing happened, the guy at the table (there were three total, all over 50) asked me if I had a boyfriend. I told him I was single and he then showed me a picture on his cellphone of his son... He was attractive! He asked me what I thought, I said he was very attractive. The guy said, we're going to bring him in and that I should stay available...

That's the end of my story. Also, I'm starting to feel better.

How was your Friday?


Thanks to Hulu+ I am able to watch tv shows that I've missed most of the seasons due to being busy...
Glee is no exception. I'm almost caught up and I'm just blown away by this season and this girl...
Found through Google Images

Her name: Charice Pempengco
She is so talented! I just love her and she was able to perform Celine Dion flawlessly! She's definitely one of the most talented singers out there! 
Check her out on GLEE!

28 April 2011

Big News

I wasn't feeling well at all last night, so I didn't get back on to tell all of you my big news!
Yesterday morning I had an epiphany! 
I have finally figured out what I'm going to be doing with my life! At least in this season...
I call it my 3 Year Plan...
This year I plan on applying to graduate schools and studying for the GRE, so that I may attend graduate school in the Fall of 2012!

My 3 Year Plan:
Summer 2011
-  Search and fill out applications for Fall of 2012 (TESOL) for NYC schools, Nashville, Chicago, DC, Denver, LA, Seattle and Portland, Work at AE and Parthenon (SAVE SAVE SAVE), Move out??, Switch phone companies, Study for GRE, Get rid of everything not needed, Completely organize room
Fall 2011 - Continue working on school applications, look for jobs in before mentioned cities, Study for GRE, Work at AE and Parthenon, Missions Trip??
Winter 2011/2012 - Study and Take GRE, School applications, look for places to live in cities, Work at AE and Parthenon
Spring 2012 - Start looking for places to live in cities, Accept school of choice, Work at AE and Parthenon
Summer 2012 - Work on moving to city
Fall 2012 - Go to school, work, find a church
Winter 2012/2013 - School, work, get involved in community
Spring 2013 - School, work, find summer internship, find a travel abroad opportunity??
Summer 2013 - Work in city or come back to Lincoln??
Fall 2013 - Year 2 of School, work...
Winter 2013/2014 - School, work...
Spring 2014 - Find another abroad oppurtunity??, School, work, Graduate, look for a career/job
Summer 2014 - Travel abroad, work

Oh and I also got that job I interviewed for at American Eagle... I know this is a little fuzzy, but I wrote it in great haste. It still needs some of the kinks worked out, but I think it's a solid plan!


27 April 2011

I have some news...

I'm revealing an awesome secret this evening! Stay tuned!!!

I need to...

not drink coffee after 8, especially a toddy. ):
take a nap this afternoon.
clean my room... it's getting a tad bit ridiculous.
finish my book or give up... it's been dragging for quite a bit of time.
figure out whether I'm taking the job...
figure out my life.
work on this blog.
do laundry

26 April 2011

Pretty Dec...

Today was a pretty decent day...
Picked my bro up from work...
Saw my cousin and his wife...
Went to a goodbye dinner at Tokyo Japanese Grill...
Saw my cousin and his wife again...
Hung out with my friend Kyle...

Tomorrow I don't have to work and I'm super excited...
I have a job interview tomorrow, so I will cross my fingers!
I hope I do well with the questions. It's been quite a long time since I've had an interview...

I hope tomorrow is a productive day!


25 April 2011

back in business

I've let a lot of things go by the wayside...
including my blog...
so, today, I'm here to start a new.
My Easter was just what I needed. A nice calm day with the family and a wonderful church service.

This week I'm getting ready for next month's Summer School and also planning some things for my blog. I feel like I'm finally back in the saddle. It's been way too long. My google reader is scary, but I'm slowly catching up.

I'm excited about this week?

Are you?

What are you currently reading?
I'm reading: Let The Great World Spin by Colum McCann

24 April 2011

no words

no words can express,
how happy I am,
no words can express,
that You rose again,
no words can express,
how much love You showed,
no words can express,
how much blood that flowed,
no words can express,
that You came back to life,
no words can express,
that You saved us from eternal strife,
no words can express,
how much I love you LORD,
Thank you for all you've done!

11 April 2011

I miss...

My life has changed so much in a month... a year... etc.

If you had asked me in high school what I would be doing now...

I would say "Married with kids, probably a lawyer or something"

Well, I'm certainly not married
Which means in my case no kids
And the law lost it's luster quite a bit ago

My parents must think I'm crazy
Sometimes I think I'm crazy

Everyday, I ask God "Where do you want me to go? What do you want me to do?"

So far, I haven't received a direct answer...

So, I'm not sure if I keep asking these questions... But my attitude has changed...

I also add: Lord, put people into my path that I can touch... Help me to be an example...

But there are things I do miss...

I miss...
My friend Carrie
California (I promise this is not an alliteration featuring the letter C)
My friends who I feel have abandoned me

This post isn't for you to feel sorry for me, but sometimes it I feel a little bit better after I have written things down.

Here are things I'm praying about this week:
Guidance in my future and present plans (I want to make the right decisions with God's hand over my life)
Reconciliation or at least an understand with friends
My friends who are sick or are stressed
and for me to have joy!

Alright, I feel better... now to my to do list:
1) Quiet Time (this is where I spend time with God)
2) Work 11-4
3) Rehearsal for Easter Song
4) Laundry
5) Keep organizing my room

That's all for now!

05 April 2011

I found some...

I went to the library in search of my next great read. I found two books that caught my eye (I had a limited amount of time).
Let The Great World Spin by Colum McCann
and The Faculty Club by Danny Tobey...
Has anyone read either of these? Let me know what you think!

04 April 2011


Alright, I'm kind of in a rut in books...
I just finished reading The Hunger Game Series. I'm looking for some good reads...
What are you reading these days?

03 April 2011


There's so many new cd's (or new to me) that have come out that I want to get...
Jennifer Hudson
Arcade Fire
Mumford and Sons
The Strokes
Regina Spektor (not new at all)
Broken Bells new single
Fleet Foxes new single
The Black Keys
Grizzly Bear (not new at all)

What music are you listening to? Want?