11 April 2011

I miss...

My life has changed so much in a month... a year... etc.

If you had asked me in high school what I would be doing now...

I would say "Married with kids, probably a lawyer or something"

Well, I'm certainly not married
Which means in my case no kids
And the law lost it's luster quite a bit ago

My parents must think I'm crazy
Sometimes I think I'm crazy

Everyday, I ask God "Where do you want me to go? What do you want me to do?"

So far, I haven't received a direct answer...

So, I'm not sure if I keep asking these questions... But my attitude has changed...

I also add: Lord, put people into my path that I can touch... Help me to be an example...

But there are things I do miss...

I miss...
My friend Carrie
California (I promise this is not an alliteration featuring the letter C)
My friends who I feel have abandoned me

This post isn't for you to feel sorry for me, but sometimes it I feel a little bit better after I have written things down.

Here are things I'm praying about this week:
Guidance in my future and present plans (I want to make the right decisions with God's hand over my life)
Reconciliation or at least an understand with friends
My friends who are sick or are stressed
and for me to have joy!

Alright, I feel better... now to my to do list:
1) Quiet Time (this is where I spend time with God)
2) Work 11-4
3) Rehearsal for Easter Song
4) Laundry
5) Keep organizing my room

That's all for now!

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