23 November 2010

Upcoming This Week

I love my new i-touch! it is amazing!
Ok now for the big news! Tomorrow I will be baking and crafting up a storm and I will be documenting my whole thanksgiving with an hour by hour photo!

What are your thanksgiving plans?

21 November 2010

8 Shifts a Week - To the Tune of (8 Days a Week)

This week starts two new shifts at work... This is how I feel right now:

At least, at least I don't have to work on Thursday. Thank goodness for that... But, my computer just said it was 5:00, which means it's time for me to get ready for work!
Have a great Sunday evening... Do some relaxing for me!


18 November 2010


I got a solo! 
I'm in a Civic Choir in town. 
I auditioned last week for a solo...
This one to be exact!

I'm so excited! I hope to get actual footage/sound when I have my concert.
This piece is so pretty. Let's just hope I can hit those high notes!

How is your Thursday going?
I hope well!

17 November 2010

What are you watching?

It's time to come clean...
I love watching TV shows...
There are so many that I love.
Here are my favorites:
10) Gossip Girl

I know, I know, it's rather corny... 
But, I love it for the drama, the boys...
Penn Badgley
Chase Crawford
and for the fashion!

9) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  I would never want to get in her path!

8) The Biggest Loser
Um... Enough said, these people are all about changing their lives... and watch out for
Jillian Michaels
She is so intimidating!

7) 30 Rock
All the characters are so complex! I love love love it!
Liz Lemon, Jack Donaghey, and Tracey Jordan are my favorite characters!
Oh, and Kenneth!
6) Parenthood
 This show is just amazing!

5) The Office

4) Friday Night Lights
Good drama, great acting, and...
Taylor Kitsch

3) Chuck
This show is just stinkin' funny! And you can't forget about...
 Zachary Levi
Bonus: He's a born-again believer!

2) 90210
I love absolutely everything about this show!

1) Vampire Diaries
And the number one goes to this show... It's not about the vampires...
The story is just too good!

What are your favorite shows?
I'd love to see some posts!

24 Things I Want to Do Before I Turn 25

  1. Go to a Nebraska Husker Football Game.
  2. Go to the College World Series
  3. Road Trip to Springfield, MO - To visit Red Velvet
  4. Buy a Nice DSLR
  5. Go to Omaha at least Once a Month
  6. Learn to Make Sushi
  7. Learn to Crochet
  8. Learn to Play Guitar
  9. Read the Bible in a Year
  10. Get out of Debt (loans)
  11. Learn to Work with Clay
  12. Go to a Roller Derby Game
  13. Read at least 20 Books
  14. Save $1500 
  15. Re-decorate My Room
  16. Craft at least 2x a Month
  17. Bake Once a Week
  18. Grow My Mark. Business
  19. Get Down to My Ideal Weight
  20. Sew at least Once a Month
  21. Take the GRE
  22. Make a Quilt
  23. Spend My Money Wisely
  24. Go Sledding
I've accomplished 1 out of 24! I hope these goals are doable. I think it's good to have goals. A lot of mine are things I've just procrastinated! I hope I do well!
Hope everyone is having a good week!

11 November 2010

Today is the Anniversary of my Birth

It's my birthday!
I can't believe I'm 24!

I'd been working on a list of things I wanted to do before I turned 25, I hope to get that up here before the end of the week!

So many exciting things are happening this week! 
I went paintballing for the first time this week!
I'm going to my first Husker game on Saturday!

And of course, my birthday!

This morning, the guy I'm dating took me out to breakfast and then I went to work.
Had some great food at work, and one of my co-workers bought me a mini cake!

Then I came home and passed out and woke up to my phone ringing. It was my guy and he had my birthday presents at the front door. My bike (I had purchased it for $5 at a garage store, it needed a new chain, tubing, and brake pads), he went to get it fixed and also bought me a Stephen King novel. Insomnia

Hope everyone has a great day!
Happy Veteran's Day.
Thank you to all the Veterans who have served this country!

05 November 2010

Great Gatsby

Well, I finished the book and I really enjoyed it. It was rather tragic and had many errors in the plot. I feel sorry for the narrator Nick Carraway and everything he had to deal with, including: Tom, Daisy and Mr. Gatsby himself.

I understand why he was so reserved to become friends with Gatsby. I can't believe Gatsby did all that he did just win back a "love" who would in the end betray him.

Well, I could type all day on the subject, but, I'm just excited that I already finished my first book for the month. My birthday is in 6 days!


03 November 2010

Happy Wednesday

I'm already a fourth done with The Great Gatsby.
It's actually pretty good... I'll have to find the movie on Netflix when I'm done.
I found two different adaptations! I'm excited to watch both!

I'm also downloading Sleeping At Last's November EP! I really enjoyed October! 
I'm hoping November doesn't dissapoint!
I wonder if Switchfoot or Relient K or Coldplay has come out with anything new?  Those are my three favorite bands. Followed by Sleeping at Last. I will have to google and see what's going on with everyone.

Well, I need to get ready for the day, and get back to my book.
Have a great Wednesday! (I can't believe how fast the week is going!)


02 November 2010

November Book List

(Picture from Weheartit.com)
Alright, this is a day late, but here is my November book list:
Week 1: The Great Gatsby
Week 2: The Awakening and Other Stories
Week 3: The Picture of Dorian Gray
Week 4: The Scarlet Letter

I missed my 100th Post!

But, I did tie for third place in the costume contest! I won $7.50. Oh well. I tried! I was planning on getting some much needed sewing done yesterday, but, besides my obligations outside my house (work and small group) all I did was sleep. I've been so tired as of late I need a new mattress. Mine has had it!
Today, I start training for host at work. Then I come back and work the evening shift! It will be a long day of work.

Is anyone voting today?
I haven't decided yet...

01 November 2010

Sleeping at Last!!

They came out with an EP one for each month!
I just bought October! I can't wait for november...
Check them out at Sleepingatlast.com!

Welkomen November!

November is finally here!! Why am I so excited? Because that means my birthday is right around the corner!

Well, I've decided to blog again, after a long hiatus, I've come to realize that I don't have to be a perfect blogger! I don't need a daily thing to blog about or just enjoyment in writing...

As you all know, last night was Halloween. I just picked up a new shift at work so I now close on Sunday nights. We had a costume contest and the theme was the 1920's.

Here's my costume:

The winner gets $50! Second receives $25, and third receives $15. I spent about $50, so it would be nice to win some sort of money! 

Another very interesting thing that happened last night was the cutting of my precious ring finger on my right hand.

Here's how the story goes: I was reaching down to get a coffee cup at work, and the coffee cups were stacked improperly, one fell and a huge thick piece stuck right into my finger, right to the bone. It hurt to say the least, there was blood everywere... ok not everywhere, I'm embellishing the story! Four bandaids later, and threats of ducktaping my "tiny fingers". I started to feel a little better. It just hurts to put any pressure on it. I hope I don't need stitches. : |

Well my faithful readers, I do have some exciting things planned (I promise). I will let you know if I win the costume contest or if I need stitches!

UPDATE: I tied for third place!