17 November 2010

What are you watching?

It's time to come clean...
I love watching TV shows...
There are so many that I love.
Here are my favorites:
10) Gossip Girl

I know, I know, it's rather corny... 
But, I love it for the drama, the boys...
Penn Badgley
Chase Crawford
and for the fashion!

9) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  I would never want to get in her path!

8) The Biggest Loser
Um... Enough said, these people are all about changing their lives... and watch out for
Jillian Michaels
She is so intimidating!

7) 30 Rock
All the characters are so complex! I love love love it!
Liz Lemon, Jack Donaghey, and Tracey Jordan are my favorite characters!
Oh, and Kenneth!
6) Parenthood
 This show is just amazing!

5) The Office

4) Friday Night Lights
Good drama, great acting, and...
Taylor Kitsch

3) Chuck
This show is just stinkin' funny! And you can't forget about...
 Zachary Levi
Bonus: He's a born-again believer!

2) 90210
I love absolutely everything about this show!

1) Vampire Diaries
And the number one goes to this show... It's not about the vampires...
The story is just too good!

What are your favorite shows?
I'd love to see some posts!

1 comment:

  1. I wish I was more of a TV person. I love documentary movies or any that is shown on TV( when I remember to watch).