31 August 2011

Gobs and Gobs of Money

If, I wasn't saving money right now, I would spend money on these two classes:

This journal prompt class run by Janel from Running With Scissors in October.

I could learn about how to do Graphics for my blog... Except it's Photoshop heavy and I don't own Photoshop.

Then there is this course from Red Velvet Shop
I think this class would be a great jump start to my sewing. I need to start on my sewing project!
Thankfully this is an e-course, so I will start a little fund for this course.

The first class is 20 bones, the second is 15, and the third is 29...

Things I hate right now:
Bills, bills and more bills!

25 August 2011

Link Love

I'm completely caught up in reading my "crafty" blogs! I still have about 1000 posts to go in my other categories...
But, I have more links! This is an extensive list, but it's everything I've been inspired by, intriguied or just something I want to do! Hope you enjoy!

Image via Honestly...WTF

18 August 2011

Off Day

You know when you have one of those just "off days"? Well, I had mine today. I hope tomorrow is better. And "holy" storm! It was raining buckets and buckets! I'm just glad it is 10:00pm. I've been waiting for this hour forever, because I know that the day is over. Payday is tomorrow, which means I can pay bills and hopefully put some change in the savings account. I think tonight is an excellent night to get some reading/blogging/modern family catching up accomplished... And also some grad school apps filled out. I keep changing my mind on where I want to go... Why is KU looking awesome at the moment?

 I have so many awesome things planned for the blog, that I think will finally come into fruition! What would you like to see on the blog? Did you like my outfit post? I had fun and even American Eagle commented on my twitter about it, which is awesome!



17 August 2011

What I Wore - 8/17/2011 - Green

well, i cracked and did one of these posts. i had started to compare myself to others and the amazing photos of their outfits. i kept thinking... i don't have an awesome camera or someone to take my pics... and then i thought, then be yourself... i love my style and some of the new clothes i've recently added to my wardrobe, and i've always wanted to do a post... so, here goes! i don't have a cool icon, but again, i'm not here to compare myself, but to branch out!

blouse : aeropastle
cami : aeropastle
necklace : american eagle
purse : target

This outfit is a mismatch of old and new. I don't usually shop at aeropastle, but every once an awhile my mom will pick up something that's "my style". I love that blouse from last season. Most of my tanks and cami's are from there as well, because they're inexpensive. I just bought my shorts last night at work. They were on sale, and I needed a pair so I snagged them, perfect for early fall. My necklace is a purchase a few years ago, an owl is one of the charms, I love owls! The purse is a score from target on Monday. I've seen this purse a few times and just didn't have the funds to buy, but yesterday it was $5 off, and I had the means, so I pounced! I bought my toms through a local shoe store via groupon. The groupon was 25 for 50, and the TOMS were 54. So, it was a great deal!

That's my outfit, what do you think? 

P.S. All of these photos were taken with my HTC EVO! I love the quality of the camera!

More Link Love

As I have been catching up with everything blog related, including reading my long list on reader (I really need to transfer things to bloglovin), I've been coming across tons of awesome links. I'm hoping to have a regularly scheduled post in the near future on link loves... But, until then I will keep posting them as my tab bar gets cluttered. Great way for me to bookmark and share with my readers...

15 August 2011

200th Post

This is a rather lame 200th post, but I had to share my literary bag from Barnes and Noble! Only a buck ninety-nine!

14 August 2011

Link Love

So, I've been catching up on my blog reading! And here are some links to some blogs, and things blogs are highlighting...

    Any links you are loving?? Share them with me!!!!

    09 August 2011

    The Good The Bad and The Lists

    As you know, I am a lister... I'm not exactly sure what a lister is, but I'm refashioning the word to mean I write lists. I'm not just talking occasionally, but all the time, probably for almost every occasion. To do's, schedules, birthday, christmas, packing, things I need, people I need to write, blogs I want to post, etc,. I've written lists on my blog as well. For all of you lists writers out there, I have just the thing for you:

    A whole 30 days devoted to lists. I wouldn't even know about it if it hadn't been for my secret pal from way back in the day wasn't a major part of this. Click the above link and check it out!

    I will be there with my pen ready! I hope to see you there!

    Great Devotional

    I received this in my email this morning. It was a great mini-devotional. I hope it brightens your day as well:

    Gorging on Jesus
    By Winn Collier

    "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will."
     Romans 12:1 TNIV

    WE ALL HAVE OUR LOYALTIES. We are loyal to a political affiliation, our cultural heritage, our Mac, P.F. Chang’s, a few of us even to the Yankees. And then—added to the mix—some of us are loyal to Jesus as well.

    The sickness here is that the whole enterprise begins and ends with us. We know what we want, and we use whomever or whatever will help us get it. If a career or a spouse or a master’s degree helps, great. And when Jesus can grease the wheels, all the better. From this posture, we can attach God’s name to whatever suits us. We may quote a verse or pray a prayer, but then we baptize our every whim and desire in the name of me.

    Often, our actions belie that we have made a lethal error. We believe the world and all its resources—all our friendships, all our time, all our economic power—are ours to devour.

    Certainly, God has given us His world to enjoy for our pleasure. But we are caretakers, not owners. Our first question is not, What do I want from this world? but rather, What does God want to do in His world? And how does God want to use us in His redemptive work?

    Think of the times that you rely on God's provision and promises. Is it only for personal gain, or to better serve God's will?
    This was taken from RELEVANT MAGAZINES Deeper Walk Devotional, August 9th, 2011.

    08 August 2011

    The Case of the Missing DVD's

    Over the years, we as human beings lose items. This is true because we are only human... :P

    I've misplaced many items ie, cellphone, keys, purse, etc. But there are some items that are gone ie, clothing, books, cds, and dvds. 

    That's what I want to talk about today! With the invention of hulu and netflix, I don't bother with my dvd collection as much as I use too! I still add to my huge collection when Target has there awesome sales, or blockbusters go out of business... But, I'm missing some DVDs... Donde Esta? (Where did they go in Spanish y'all!)

    Here is a list of DVDs I'm missing:
    1. A Walk to Remember (This DVD has been missing for years, I have the case at least)
    2. Save the Last Dance (A former friend borrowed said DVD and lied about having it)
    3. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (I have no idea, I actually just remembered that I had had it)
    4. The Bourne Ultimatum (I watched this a few months ago, it should be somewhere in the house) I FOUND IT 8/10/11
    5. Bright Star (I watched this a month ago, it should be close by) I FOUND IT!!!! (8/10/11)

    I guess, I need to take better care of my items. I'm also missing one of my favorite book of all time. I can't remember if I loaned it to a friend or not. My amazon list is going to grow immensely. I'm going to have to wait for the best deal on all of these items!

    What are you missing? Your favorite pair of jeans, an old cd, something else? Let me know! I'd love to hear from you!