17 August 2011

What I Wore - 8/17/2011 - Green

well, i cracked and did one of these posts. i had started to compare myself to others and the amazing photos of their outfits. i kept thinking... i don't have an awesome camera or someone to take my pics... and then i thought, then be yourself... i love my style and some of the new clothes i've recently added to my wardrobe, and i've always wanted to do a post... so, here goes! i don't have a cool icon, but again, i'm not here to compare myself, but to branch out!

blouse : aeropastle
cami : aeropastle
necklace : american eagle
purse : target

This outfit is a mismatch of old and new. I don't usually shop at aeropastle, but every once an awhile my mom will pick up something that's "my style". I love that blouse from last season. Most of my tanks and cami's are from there as well, because they're inexpensive. I just bought my shorts last night at work. They were on sale, and I needed a pair so I snagged them, perfect for early fall. My necklace is a purchase a few years ago, an owl is one of the charms, I love owls! The purse is a score from target on Monday. I've seen this purse a few times and just didn't have the funds to buy, but yesterday it was $5 off, and I had the means, so I pounced! I bought my toms through a local shoe store via groupon. The groupon was 25 for 50, and the TOMS were 54. So, it was a great deal!

That's my outfit, what do you think? 

P.S. All of these photos were taken with my HTC EVO! I love the quality of the camera!

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  1. AWE! Cute stuff! I can't wait to be back in non maternity stuff. I promise I will treat myself to a clothes shopping spree once I lose my baby weight! this is all cute!