31 January 2011

January Recap/What's Upcoming in February

January Recap:
1. Lose 5lbs. I lost 6!
2. Organize Books - Sell or Giveaway - I just need to sell or give them away
3. Save at least $125 Saved over $300
4. Find a Second Job - Still in the process
I'm looking at Trader Joes and American Eagle
5. Dye My Hair - Still haven't dyed my hair!
My Cruise Part 1 and 2
Didn't get very far in the list, but I'm making progress with the Scarlet Letter, there's only so much time in a day!
My brand new blog!

30 January 2011

I Wanna... Redo My Wardrobe

Dearest J.Crew, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters,

I wish I could afford your clothing items, accessories, shoes, and jewelry...
But alas, I can't, so I shop at these places...
Here are some more affordable items I would like to revamp my wardrobe!

I want this dress from JCPENNEY
And this Lauren Conrad dress from KOHLS
And this trench by Lauren Conrad
And this whole outfit from her collection
Give me these boots from the Simply Vera collection from KOHLS
This hoodie from American Eagle (may be time to get a job there again)
ps I know that's a boys hoodie, but I love it so!
This dress from American Eagle
I will take this scarf as well
How about the whole Aerie collection

What are you wearing this spring?

My Workout Routine: 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels

I will be starting this tomorrow!
I need to make time every day...
Daily weigh-ins and make sure my meals are healthy...
I'm ready!

5 Magazines I ♥

I love reading...
I love reading magazines...
I love reading these 5 magazine...

About Me

I guess I haven't properly introduced myself!
I hate writing paragraphs, especially pertaining to me, so I thought I would give you a list!
So here are 24 things you may or may not know about me!

  1. I am a follower of Jesus!
  2. I was music major - vocal performance - graduated in May of 2009
  3. I minored in journalism
  4. I've had over 10 jobs
  5. I can't dive
  6. I'm scared of clowns
  7. Cookies are most definitely a food group in my book (a long with ice cream and cupcakes)
  8. My family doesn't have cable... sometimes I miss it
  9. I ginger (ale, cookies, candied, chocolate)
  10. coconut
  11. cilantro
  12. I don't like getting my picture taken
  13. I want to travel the world as a career
  14. I can be super shy one minute and outgoing the next
  15. My favorite colors are blue, purple, and silver
  16. I think I'm dyslexic cixelsyd... It's hard to remember numbers in sequence, I also have trouble with words starting with the same letter. Example: barnes and noble, blockbuster, and best buy are all the same to me.
  17. I don't like taking any type of medication
  18. Ways to anger me: getting my name wrong... that's about it
  19. Asian cuisine... Thai, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Sushi
  20. I'm single... and living my life to the fullest
  21. I still haven't found the perfect pair of jeans :(
  22. ☁'s
  23. culture
  24. to learn

5 Etsy Items I ♥

Here are 5 Etsy items I ♥

Limited Edition Whoo Loves You Badge White

50 Assorted Library Cards

                     Kawaii Cute Vintage Camera Embroidery Patterns

Brown Tweed Slouchy Beanie

Bicycle Ring

Home Ec: Snowflakes

I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of January.
 Time flies when you're busy--

I thought I'd share some snowflake love from the world wide web!

Of course, I featured embroidery earlier this month offering two free snowflake patterns as well!

Here's what also caught my eye!
image found here
image found here

Cookie Cutter Ornaments via Design Sponge
image found here

image found here
Get a sugar cookie recipe here!

My etsy treasury:

What are your favorite snowflake finds?

27 January 2011

Doodling with Kam

I'd like to welcome and thank Kam for joining us on this wonderful Thursday. It's always great to have a guest blogger!

Hi, this is Kam from Campfire Chic! I love Lauren's blog makeover and the story behind it so much that I jumped at the opportunity to do a guest blog post to hopefully inspire the rest of us into getting our doodle on :)

Here are some of my recent Etsy finds that have me itching to grab a sketch book and have my way with it:

Thanks, Lauren, for letting me take over your super cute blog. xo.

26 January 2011


I hate cramps
I hate that "wonderful" time of the month
Yes, I used the word "hate"
I apologize for anyone who dislikes that word
But, I hate not feeling well
And I hate Eve for eating of the forbidden fruit and that's why I have these horrible pains

That is all....

25 January 2011

My Ipod

I may have just lost my ipod...
I can't find my itouch anywhere...
I've emptied the contents of my purse. 
I hope maybe it just slid underneath my car seat, and I will be able to find it in the day light...

I'm hopelessly devoted to technology.
In other news, I made some great purchases thanks to Michael's and Target!
More on those later...

I hope I find my ipod!

Blog Goals for the Year

I've already published my personal goals for the year along with January's Goals.
I thought I would also share my goals for my blog.

Goal Number Uno: Make sure I'm being myself!
I don't want to ever seem like I'm trying to be someone else.
Goal Number Two: To have double the readership by December.
I'm not too worried about this one. If it doubles or not, as long as I'm happy blogging.

Goal Number Three: Revamp my blog.
I already accomplished this one.
New name.
New header.
New buttons.
New look.

Goal Number Four: Meet more awesome people!

What are you blog goals for 2011?

What I'm Watching: January

This past weekend my family watched a few movies that I just love:

1) The Blindside
2) Inception

Recently I was on a teen movie kick.
1) Mean Girls
2) Bring it On
3) Clueless

I also just adore Jane Austen flicks!
Pride and Prejudice

I absolutely adore Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy!
Sense and Sensibility

I would also like to see some other versions of Sense and Sensibility.

I'm sending back my netflix film today, so I can see the brand new PBS/BBC

What are you watching my dears?

Later on today: My Blog Goals for the Year

My Budget

One of my goals this year, creating a budget, and I've done exactly that!
Here's how I did it.

I labeled ... envelopes:
1) Tithe
2) Savings
3) Debt
4) Bills
5) Needs
6) Gas
7) Fun

1. Tithe
Each week I take 10% of my earnings and give them back to God.

2. Savings
My goal is to save at least $150 a month (insert link for January Goals). I've already saved almost $300 this month. This makes me giddy, because I thought it would be hard, but I've been doing so well with my tips (I'm a waitress), that I've amost doubled my goal.

3. Debt
I have a bit of debt. I'm going to be honest. It's not a huge amount, but it is still there. I was already able to pay off a store credit card, and make a good payment on my other card! I should be done in just a few months.Then I can concentrate on my loan. Thankfully, I have a stipen to pay for a lot of my loan! God is awesome!

4. Bills
Every month I have a few bills that need to be payed for.
Gym Membership
Phone Bill
I'm Thankful that I don't have many bills to pay for! The rest of the money helps out in other areas. I always have some leftover! I'm thinking about moving to a gym that is closer! That would be just amazing!

5. Needs
This category was quickly depleted at the beginning of the month because of my lost cell phone in Puerto Rico and a new choir dress for my choir. It's a required dress. :(
Oh well. I hope this to be my on hand savings. For any needs that arise.

6) Gas
This is self-explanatory.

7) Fun
Fun and gas get a very small percentage each week, but, I try and make my fun money last. Fun money is for outings, coffee, concerts, magazines, books, etc. Just as it sounds.

I don't know if this is the correct way to do a budget, but it works for me so far! I'm so glad I've implemented it. Sadly to say, this is the longest I've kept up a budget and it's only been 3 weeks!

Do you have a budget? How do you do it?

24 January 2011

28 Days of Love-Coming in February

Starting February 1. 28 days filled with things I love!
More info on February 1.
Comment below if you would like to join me.
Also, add this button:

Ren Was Here

Cutest Video Ever

I hope you like this adorable video!

What's in My Purse!

Of course I wanted to join all the fun. My purse always has a few surprise items.

Here's what's in my purse?

1. January's Issue of Shape Magazine
I've already read this cover to cover, I keep it in my purse for inspiration, meal ideas, etc.
2. January's Urban Outfitter's Catalogue 
I wish I could afford everything in there. I like to keep it in my purse for shopping purchases!
3. January's JCREW Catalogue
Same reason as number 2
4. My Sunglasses and case
I bought these in St. Kitts. I have sensitive eyes, so I always try to keep a pair of sunglasses in my purse.

5. Choir Music
Yes, my purse is big enough to contain my choral music... 
6. My Moleskine Planner
I can't go anywhere without this planner. If I do, I usually overbook myself. 
7. Simply Vera Wang Wallet
This wallet has been my favorite so far, it's from the Simply Vera Wang collection at Kohls!
8. Bianca Spray, multivitamin, ibuprofen, and hand sanitizer
9. Broken necklace
10. Downtown Lincoln Go to Guide
11. C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint/Shine in Rose Shimmer and Ultra
12. Loose Change!
13. Random Business Cards
13. My Craft Moleskine Notebook
I write my daily journal in here as well as what I'm reading in the Bible and my prayers
14. Paper♥Mate Flair Pens
I love these pens. They just make my day! I hate leaving home without them! Also, these are 16 and cheaper to buy medium tips at Target!
Not pictured items:
My cellphone
My ipod (I was using it to take pictures)
No, that is not a real Coach bag!

What's in your purse? I always ♥ to see what other women carry in their bags!

Coming up tomorrow: My Budget, What I'm Watching, Blog Goals for the Year

What I'm Listening To: January

I don't listen to top 40 radio often. I find most of the songs shallow and quite unoriginal. But, there are a few out there that I do put on repeat.

One is a song by the very talented Christina Perri, Jar of Hearts.

 Have you heard this song?
You probably have. It was brand new to me as of Friday night.

Another song I really like is Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP's We Don't Speak Americano. Such a great little beat. The video is so cute! Pitbull did a remix called Bon Bon, but I like this version much better.

And of course, Sleeping At Last. I just love them. Each month they come out with a new 3 song EP. It's their Yearbook project! I need to get January's!

These are a few bands who I'm waiting to produce some new music:
Desperation Band
Hillsong United
Relient K

What are you listening to?

Monday's To Do List

1. Work on this weeks blog posts
2. Valentines
3. Pen Pal Letters
4. Baking of some sort!

Tutorial: How to Be Alone

I just absolutely love this video on youtube! Enjoy!

Coming up later today: What's in My Purse, What I'm Listening To

My Weekend: 1/21-1/23

4. Breaking the Fast
Woo! For all of my readers who didn't know, I decided to fast, not just blogging and other social media, but also food. On Friday night, I went to my place of employment to break my fast with two good friends. The food was good and the company was even more enjoyable! I had saganaki - fried cheese (flambe′d), a side greek salad, a hot and spicy gyro (pronounced: yearo) and greek fries. Yum and yummier. I didn't even take pictures because I was so hungry.

3. Waka Winter Classic AKA Battle of the Bands
I love The Bourbon. It's a local concert venue in good old Lincoln. On friday night, I went to the Waka Winter Classic with my wonderful friend Christina. There were 5 local bands battling to see who would make it to Wakarusa, a summer music festival in Arkansas. I missed the first two bands, but the third band, The Midland Band who won last year, was phenomenal! The fourth band was good and I missed the fifth band because I was so tired!
It decided to snow like 5 inches saturday night. I wasn't super excited, it ruined all my plans. I was suppose to hang out with a friend and watch a movie, and then attend a concert. A friend's band was playing. I was so disappointed I couldn't see his band, I was on the list and everything. :(
1. Sunday Night Movie
Sunday night was a makeover movie night. Spending time with my friend Abigail is always great. She came out to eat with my family after church, and then later on, we sat down and watched the movie "The Thrill of It All". I've watched this movie many times as a kid. It's great to rewatch it. I will definitely need to add this to my movie collection. I love Doris Day. I have not one single movie with her in it. I need to change that!

What did you do this weekend?
Coming up later today: How Not To Be Alone, What's in My Purse, What I'm Listening To

23 January 2011


I've been working with a wonderful gal named Amy (48 emails back and forth), who so graciously helped me redesign my blog! From my name to the header to her putting much time and effort, I can say that One Day at A Time is now officially Ren Was Here!

How did I get that name?
Ren was my nickname in highschool. It's the last 3 letters of my name, LauREN.

Where did you get the idea for you header?
I have always loved to doodle and I thought, what better way than to add my own doodles to my blog (Amy did a lot of work to make it look like my doodling).

Hope you like!

16 January 2011


I will be fasting social media in part of my church's week of fasting and prayer. I will see you next week with regularly scheduled posts!

15 January 2011

So much

I'm so glad it's almost Sunday. It's my only day of rest.
I seem to be cheating on my goals and such. :(
I've cleaned my closet, but the rest of my room is still a distaster area... more just clothes everywhere.
And how can I start redecorating in a pit?
I need to get rolling on the ball. I also need to go to the gym!
I keep procrastinating by saying, "But it's the new year, everyone will be there."
My answer should be, "So, you can be there too!"

So my goals for this week:
1. Go to the Gym on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
2. Catch up on reading the Bible and keep journaling
3. Finish The Scarlet Letter - BTDUBS! I love love love the beginning! It captivates from the first sentence. I'm reading it on my Kindle and it's nice that I don't have to pull out a dictionary to look up the big more difficult words.
4. Drink a lot more water! No pop, no coffee, and my weakness: no hot chocolate.
5. Catch up on scheduled blogs

I think these are doable... Oh and maybe lose some weight. I need to start really watching what I eat!

Sunday's To Do List:
1. Laundry
2. Put away clothes
3. Change sheets
4. Work on valentines and pen pal letters including Kam's and Carries!

Monday's To Do List:
1. Work - bring lunch to work (They give me weird looks at work when I bring lunch in {I work at a restaurant})
2. Work out at Gold's Gym
3. Go to small group
4. More laundry
5. Clean bathroom 

14 January 2011

Yes, I followed Elsie's advise!
You can now follow me on bloglovin...
We'll see how this goes...
I'm kind of married to google reader!

12 January 2011

To Do List: 1/12/11

Finish my embroidery
Write 4 letters to project pen pal
Work on a valentine...


Plus more.

I'm all caught up on blog reading and commenting. Why is it taking me so long to get my posts out?

Peace love and chicken grease!

10 January 2011

My Weekend: 1/7-1/9

3) Jess's Birthday:
I spent the evening with Jessica and a few friends for her birthday! We went to First Friday. First Friday is an art walk in downtown Lincoln. It's lots of fun and we sure had tons of it.
Here are a few pictures of the evening!

At Cafe Indigo!
Happy Birthday Jess!
Curtis and I enjoying art... Looks like I'm sleeping!

Much better!
I wanted this owl bank... I decided I didn't have room on my shelf for it!

Awkward? I think so!

2) SNL:
Saturday night life is back on at church! I'm so glad! It was a great sermon and the worship was awesome!

1) Snow:
It snowed last night! It's very white outside. I still had to go to work today though.