10 January 2011


I love love love to look at embroidery! I thought each month I could learn some new craft. What better way to start the year then with embroidery?!? I've met some wonderful bloggers while working on this project including Mollie from Wild Olive, Corinne from September House, and of course Kam from Campfire Chic!
I'm featuring these three lovely ladies, their blogs, and their work!

First up is Mollie from Wild Olive!

You've learned a little bit about her from my "5 Blogs I ♥"
But here's a little bit more!
Not only does Mollie stitch, but she is heavily involved with World Vision and is currently raising money through First Giving!
This past week Mollie has been sharing her goals:
Click each link to learn about them.
Learn and Share Puppet Making
Also on her blog:
Patterns for all sorts of crafting projects, printables, and patterns!
I've found some older stuff on Wild Olive including the Make Do Create Workshop from 2009!

Mollie also started a Pattern of the Month Club!
 Click previous link for more information and/or to sign up. It's super reasonably priced! Once I've mastered the basic skills of embroidery, I'll be signing up!

Guess what?? Mollie has given me a pattern to share with all of my readers! I hope you enjoy!
It's a snowflake! I will have an awesome feature all about snowflakes later this month!
Also, every month she come's out with a great desktop background with calendar each month! Here's January's!

If you'd like to know more about Wild Olive, these links will keep you busy!

Next up, Corinne from September House!
Corinne's embroidery is quite charming. Way before I even knew I was going to do this post and before I had decided January would be embroidery month, I had purchased a very awesome embroidery pattern from her etsy shop. Click here to check out her amazing pattern!

Like Mollie, Corinne has many tutorials and patterns for free on her blog! A brand new one has just come out just in time for spring!
Click here for pattern!

Corinne was also nice enough to add a pattern for this post. This one also has some awesome snowflakes! It was used in the Handmade Holiday article on the Good Housekeeping website this past Holiday season!
Click here for snowflake!
Click these links below to get to know September House:

Last, but certainly not least, Kam from Campfire Chic!
Kam is just the sweetest person ever. One of the first girls I met in the blogosphere. 
Her stitching is a perfect representative of her: the camper! 
What's awesome about Kam is her series called Basic Stitch Week she did this past summer showing how to do certain stitches and also, she gave some free patterns as well!
How to Transfer a Pattern
How to Stitch a Straight Stitch
How to Stitch a Double Running Stitch
How to Stitch a Split Stitch

Get to know Kam:
PS. Here's what I wrote about her last week: 5 Blogs I ♥
I hope you've enjoyed these three ladies! I've enjoyed putting together this post!

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  1. Thanks for featuring me, Lauren! Happy Stitching!

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    I'm really excited to start writing back and forth.