05 January 2011

Cruise Part 1

I'm not sure if I mentioned it on my blog,
but I went on a cruise for Christmas.
No gift exchanges, nothing.
Just a cruise in the Caribbean. 
10 Days gone, 7 on a boat.

Day 1: Lincoln to Puerto Rico
The first day on vacation was spent flying. We arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico in the afternoon and I went out to eat with the whole family Puerto Rican food is amazing btdubs! There were 13 of us who went on the cruise. 

Day 2: Puerto Rico
Before cruising. We spent an entire day in San Juan, Puerto Rico. What did we do? Shopping of course. My aunt scored a super cute coach bag which she later gave to me! We also went to a fort on the water, which was amazing! That evening we went out to another Puerto Rican restaurant which had dancing and singing as entertainment! I even joined in on the group number!

There's me pointing!

Day 3 - Cruise Day 1: Boarding 
I'm on a boat. I'm sorry, but I didn't take too many pictures after San Juan, first, because I was too in awe of everything, and second, because I just wasn't feeling the greatest!
That night, we had a muster drill right before dinner (a muster drill is a drill to show you were you would go in case of an emergency), the best dessert of the entire trip, and Karaoke! Of course, if you know me well, I love karaoke! I had fun and just played around. 

Day 4 - Cruise Day 2: San Juan to St. Thomas
When we woke up on the second day, we were at the port in St. Thomas. This was the day my grandmother requested us all to go with her to Blackbeard's castle. We went on this Excursion and 2 hours and almost $70 per person later, we arrived at the "castle". The castle turned out to be a hotel with an old tower. We were disappointed to say the least. That night was spent with the family watching me in the first round of Karaoke Superstar. I sang "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and made it to the finals!

Day 5 - Cruise Day 3: St. Thomas to St. Maarten
This day I was sick, but I still left the boat and visited the island for a little while.

Cruise Part 2 will be continued on Friday!

Coming up later today: January Reading List.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Of course you advanced in the Karaoke competition, you have an AMAZING voice! =)

    thanks for posting pics!