06 January 2011

5 Blogs I ♥

A brand new feature on my blog!

Every Day Reads Edition

5. Campfire Chic - The Tale of a Crafty Camper
Picture from CampfireChic
Kam is a twenty-something girl who lives in southern california.
I first stumbled on to her blog when she was my secret pal (secret pals no longer exists). We also tweet back and forth quite a bit.
Kam is a camper, crafter, blogger, etsy shop owner, cross-stitcher, embroiderer, geocacher, 
and avid tweeter!

Also, be on the lookout for a full feature with her and a few other bloggers and their sweet embroidery skills!
Check her out right here:

Also, here's an older post about Kam!

4. Amyschmamey  - A life blog about my adventures in photography... mommyhood... friendship... love... and yarn
Amy is a twenty-something mother of 2 who lives in MO. I stumbled on to her blog this summer. We've been twitter friends ever since! 
Amy is a professional photographer, homemaker, etsy shop owner, crocheter, and of course a blogger!

Be on the lookout! Next month, Amy along with a few others, will be featured in a post all about crocheting!
Check her out right here:
Blog:Etsy Shop

3. Wild Olive - The Blog of Mollie Johanson
Mollie is a blogger, etsy shop owner, and embroiderer. Her patterns are amazing. She is also one of the sweetest people to connect with. She is helping me out on a post I have planned for Monday of next week, and she has gone above and beyond! I'm super excited to show you what she's shared! She is also hosting pattern of the month club!
 Click here for more info on how to get involved!
Check her out right here:

Lauren a twenty-something blogger who has taken the blog world by storm. She lives in AZ along with her husband Ted. She blogs about vintage, fashion, every day life, her likes and dislikes, and even has some awesome tips for bloggers! Like this one!
Check her out right here:

1. A Beautiful Mess - Fashion Handmade and Pretty Things
Elsie is a twenty-something entrepreneur. She has made a name for herself. She lives in MO and is recently engaged! She is the only person out of this series that I haven't talked with via email. But my goal this year is to go visit Red Velvet, and meet her!

She's a crafter, budding sewer, e-course provider, painter, and a very successful blogger!

Check her out right here:
Blog:Red Velvet


  1. Lauren, you are so sweet! Thanks for all the link love :)

  2. You are so awesome! Thank you for the feature! :) :) :)