01 January 2011

11 Goals for the New Year

1) Keep a daily journal
I would like to write down what I'm doing, sermons, prayers, bible studies, expenses, etc. A daily log of my comings and goings.
2) Figure out my next season in life
I'm not exactly sure what God has for me in this next part of my life. But through prayer and guidance I hope to figure it out and pursue my dreams!
3) Keep my room clean
This one is quite hard for me to do, but through organization and purging of items, I believe this will be much simpler to do.
4) Keep my car clean
I tend to live out of my car and I really need to get on the ball and remove items every time I leave my car, it's as simple as that. Also, regular car washes and vacuums wouldn't kill it either.
5) Read the Bible daily
I always say I'm going to do this, and never commit to it. This year, will be different, because I want to have a whole new relationship with God. An interactive one.
6) Create a product and sell it
I really feel for extra money that can go to savings, so I can do some exciting this year, I will have to pin point a need, create, market, and sell.
7) Work out at least 120 mins/week
This one should be doable. I think it could be bigger, but baby steps. This means either two 60 minutes, four-30 minutes, or some sort of combo. Maybe when it's warmer, I can start biking to work.
8) Stick to a Budget
I've created a budget, and this year, I'd really like to keep to it. So, when there's no more fun money, I will have to be creative in making fun!
9) Minimize procrastination
This one will help with all my other goals for this year. I hate procrastinating! But, that's what happens when you get burnout. So, this year I promise to invent new ways in doing things as in not to get burnout! Thus, my productivity should soar this year!
10) No gossiping
Again, a very hard one to do, but, I believe I can do it. It just means keeping my mouth shut!
11) Eat Breakfast everyday
I don't eat breakfast, at all. But, this year, I'm going to try my darnedest. Maybe preparing meals ahead of time and the like!

What are your goals/resolutions for 2011?
Let me know and link them up here!
Have an awesome day!


  1. Keeping the car clean is a great idea! If you look in my car right now, you'd think I'm homeless :/

  2. Found you from the Wild Olive blog and good luck with your goals! All very wonderful things to concentrate on :) I'm there with you in regards to daily journaling...I do that even more than once a day at times!

  3. thanks for sharing your goals Lauren! i love it. best of luck in the new year! xo, Alicia