07 January 2011

Cruise Part 2

Sorry no pictures! - They got a little mixed up. :( 
Day 6 - Cruise Day 4: St. Maarten to St. Kitts
In St. Kitts I got off the boat for awhile and walked around with my parents and grandparents. My grandmother bought me an awesome Coach bag and my dad and I purchased I nice pair of sunglasses for me! My grandfather had a monkey put on him and then got charged 10 bucks! That night there was a midnight party at the top of the ship and there was tons of food and music! Great times.
Day 7 - Cruise Day 5: St. Kitts to Grenada
I was in bed all day with cramps. I didn't do much. That night I went with my grandmother in the casino. She gave me $20 and I broke even. It was interesting. I had never done anything like that before. I've never even purchased a lottery ticket!
Day 8 - Cruise Day 6: Grenada to St. Lucia
St. Lucia was my favorite island. It was raining when we first got off boat, but we were able to find a taxi who gave us a tour of the island and a shopping mall! It was good, so was the food! There were random cows, chickens and super skinny dogs everywhere we went.
Day 9 - Cruise Day 7: CHRISTMAS
The seas were rough on Christmas. I was a little sea sick! Dinner was alright, but the best part was the second part of Karaoke Superstar! I would like to tell you I won, but I didn't. But, I did get second place. I sung Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah". I rocked the boat! Lol.
Day 10: San Juan, Puerto Rico
This was our last full day, we left the boat and took a cab ride back to the hotel. That's when I lost my cellphone! :( . It was depressing. But, I was able to finally get a new one this week!

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