31 October 2011

Not a Big Fan

I don't have any halloween costume this year. It's my least favorite holiday, but I do enjoy watching suspenseful movies!

Also, I want some hot apple cider!!! What movie am I going to watch??
I'll give you three clues:

Have a great evening!

30 October 2011

Links GaLore!

I have been absent of sharing links... So, over the next couple of days, I will be loading a lot of links! My poor google reader is all starred out! (they also may be outdated links)

Foodie :
Cupcake Cornucopia at Epheriell Designs

Random :
Oh So Lovely is Hosting a Fall Fest

Playing With Pens

How To :
Braided Scarf Tutorial
Polka-Dot Pintuck Skirt Tutorial
Pretty Paper Covered Composition Tutorial
Start Your Own Cupcake Camp
Knit A Tocama Sweater Pattern
Plaid Tie Shirt Tutorial
Quilt Class 101
Crocheting Class 101

Fall Feather Wreath Tutorial

Happy Sunday!


Weather: Perfect Fall Weather... Just crisp enough outside
Reading:  Kisses from Katie, and doing some light blog reading
Writing:  Upcoming Blog Posts, and Planning my week
Drinking: An Arnold Palmer (part lemonade, part ice tea) 
Listening: To the sound of my fan and outside
Buying: I really want this dress... 
Enjoying:  Some long needed rest and relaxation 
Loving: My New Job

Linked up with Her Library Adventures

29 October 2011

{Kind}le Death

Have I mentioned my Kindle died this week?

Oh, I haven't, well, let me tell you... MY KINDLE DIED THIS WEEK!

It was awful, I pulled it out to read while I had some down time, and the screen was acting funny. So, I let the battery die, and then charged it, assuming that would fix the problem...

It didn't, and the rest of the screen started acting up.

And, I was in the middle of a really good book...
Kisses From Katie (have you heard of it?)

You should definitely check it out!

May my Kindle rest in peace!

24 October 2011


I've been lazy and just haven't changed my url to work with my (ever changing) blog name. But this one is here to stay: so if you are in google reader, you will have to change it... It is now,
www.ren-was-here.blogspot.com. It will change on Wednesday... Switch your google readers and all that!

Much easier to remember!
Thanks for reading!

20 October 2011

Ze Other Blog

I am currently figuring out what Blog I want to use. I recently started up another blog on tumblr. It is devoted to my walk with Jesus. I need to be more vocal! So check it out:

Here's a teaser of this weeks post! It's insightful and also very intimate:

All sin is the same. Sexual, lying, disobeying God, killing, etc. Its all the same. God sees sin as sin. As christians, we need to see sin the same way.
That was a bit of a tangent, but I am really adamant on this subject.
Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out... Numbers 32.23
It happened to me. I was disobeying God, (He has awesome plans for everyone, but its up to us to make them happen), and I was found out with my sin in a very open and embarrassing way. But, instead of taking the "woe is me card," I realized God was waking me up, reminding me of his perfect will for my life.
Click here for the rest...

19 October 2011

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

It's sad when you can't even remember simple dates. Like a parents anniversary. I just remembered two seconds ago. I feel quite embarrassed. No wonder my parents were going out for lunch.

To the two best parents in the world!

Happy Anniversary!

Coldplay - new video

I absolutely adore Coldplay. If you didn't know that before, you know that now. Not many secular bands I still listen to, but Coldplay is one of them. Here's a video that premiered today!