20 October 2011

Ze Other Blog

I am currently figuring out what Blog I want to use. I recently started up another blog on tumblr. It is devoted to my walk with Jesus. I need to be more vocal! So check it out:

Here's a teaser of this weeks post! It's insightful and also very intimate:

All sin is the same. Sexual, lying, disobeying God, killing, etc. Its all the same. God sees sin as sin. As christians, we need to see sin the same way.
That was a bit of a tangent, but I am really adamant on this subject.
Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out... Numbers 32.23
It happened to me. I was disobeying God, (He has awesome plans for everyone, but its up to us to make them happen), and I was found out with my sin in a very open and embarrassing way. But, instead of taking the "woe is me card," I realized God was waking me up, reminding me of his perfect will for my life.
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