02 November 2010

I missed my 100th Post!

But, I did tie for third place in the costume contest! I won $7.50. Oh well. I tried! I was planning on getting some much needed sewing done yesterday, but, besides my obligations outside my house (work and small group) all I did was sleep. I've been so tired as of late I need a new mattress. Mine has had it!
Today, I start training for host at work. Then I come back and work the evening shift! It will be a long day of work.

Is anyone voting today?
I haven't decided yet...


  1. I mailed in my ballot last week!

    Welcome back to blogging :) I like the short posts, nice and to the point, ha!

  2. I may vote for the heck of it!

    Host- you go girl!
    Have fun in training!
    Did you get my last letter?
    Hope to hear from you soon!!

  3. @Emme! Yes I did receive your last letter! I've been so busy with everything. I will sit down and write you one today! Hope all is well!