01 November 2010

Welkomen November!

November is finally here!! Why am I so excited? Because that means my birthday is right around the corner!

Well, I've decided to blog again, after a long hiatus, I've come to realize that I don't have to be a perfect blogger! I don't need a daily thing to blog about or just enjoyment in writing...

As you all know, last night was Halloween. I just picked up a new shift at work so I now close on Sunday nights. We had a costume contest and the theme was the 1920's.

Here's my costume:

The winner gets $50! Second receives $25, and third receives $15. I spent about $50, so it would be nice to win some sort of money! 

Another very interesting thing that happened last night was the cutting of my precious ring finger on my right hand.

Here's how the story goes: I was reaching down to get a coffee cup at work, and the coffee cups were stacked improperly, one fell and a huge thick piece stuck right into my finger, right to the bone. It hurt to say the least, there was blood everywere... ok not everywhere, I'm embellishing the story! Four bandaids later, and threats of ducktaping my "tiny fingers". I started to feel a little better. It just hurts to put any pressure on it. I hope I don't need stitches. : |

Well my faithful readers, I do have some exciting things planned (I promise). I will let you know if I win the costume contest or if I need stitches!

UPDATE: I tied for third place!



  1. Was it mean that I laughed a little when hearing your reiteration of last night's work events? :) Love you.

  2. @Christina... No it wasn't mean. It was meant to be funny!