17 November 2010

24 Things I Want to Do Before I Turn 25

  1. Go to a Nebraska Husker Football Game.
  2. Go to the College World Series
  3. Road Trip to Springfield, MO - To visit Red Velvet
  4. Buy a Nice DSLR
  5. Go to Omaha at least Once a Month
  6. Learn to Make Sushi
  7. Learn to Crochet
  8. Learn to Play Guitar
  9. Read the Bible in a Year
  10. Get out of Debt (loans)
  11. Learn to Work with Clay
  12. Go to a Roller Derby Game
  13. Read at least 20 Books
  14. Save $1500 
  15. Re-decorate My Room
  16. Craft at least 2x a Month
  17. Bake Once a Week
  18. Grow My Mark. Business
  19. Get Down to My Ideal Weight
  20. Sew at least Once a Month
  21. Take the GRE
  22. Make a Quilt
  23. Spend My Money Wisely
  24. Go Sledding
I've accomplished 1 out of 24! I hope these goals are doable. I think it's good to have goals. A lot of mine are things I've just procrastinated! I hope I do well!
Hope everyone is having a good week!


  1. Great goals! You're right, ALL of them are doable :)

  2. If you need help with the Omaha one, let us know! (while we remain in the Big O)