03 April 2011


There's so many new cd's (or new to me) that have come out that I want to get...
Jennifer Hudson
Arcade Fire
Mumford and Sons
The Strokes
Regina Spektor (not new at all)
Broken Bells new single
Fleet Foxes new single
The Black Keys
Grizzly Bear (not new at all)

What music are you listening to? Want?


  1. The new Adele album is pretty great. Over the weekend I purchased the new Britney Spears album (it's ok…), Cut Copy's "Zonoscope" album (it's great and I highly suggest checking it out if you haven't before), and both of the Crystal Castles albums. Crystal Castles and Cut Copy are more like indie electronic music. Not too long ago I bought the Fences album. It's more acoustic. Plus Sara Quin produced it. It's fantastic (in my opinion).

    Happy listening! :)

  2. Christine!!
    I love Crystal Castles. My favorite song by them is "Andrew".