28 April 2011

Big News

I wasn't feeling well at all last night, so I didn't get back on to tell all of you my big news!
Yesterday morning I had an epiphany! 
I have finally figured out what I'm going to be doing with my life! At least in this season...
I call it my 3 Year Plan...
This year I plan on applying to graduate schools and studying for the GRE, so that I may attend graduate school in the Fall of 2012!

My 3 Year Plan:
Summer 2011
-  Search and fill out applications for Fall of 2012 (TESOL) for NYC schools, Nashville, Chicago, DC, Denver, LA, Seattle and Portland, Work at AE and Parthenon (SAVE SAVE SAVE), Move out??, Switch phone companies, Study for GRE, Get rid of everything not needed, Completely organize room
Fall 2011 - Continue working on school applications, look for jobs in before mentioned cities, Study for GRE, Work at AE and Parthenon, Missions Trip??
Winter 2011/2012 - Study and Take GRE, School applications, look for places to live in cities, Work at AE and Parthenon
Spring 2012 - Start looking for places to live in cities, Accept school of choice, Work at AE and Parthenon
Summer 2012 - Work on moving to city
Fall 2012 - Go to school, work, find a church
Winter 2012/2013 - School, work, get involved in community
Spring 2013 - School, work, find summer internship, find a travel abroad opportunity??
Summer 2013 - Work in city or come back to Lincoln??
Fall 2013 - Year 2 of School, work...
Winter 2013/2014 - School, work...
Spring 2014 - Find another abroad oppurtunity??, School, work, Graduate, look for a career/job
Summer 2014 - Travel abroad, work

Oh and I also got that job I interviewed for at American Eagle... I know this is a little fuzzy, but I wrote it in great haste. It still needs some of the kinks worked out, but I think it's a solid plan!


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