10 November 2013

27 before 28

I didn't post 26 before 27 because I wasn't blogging at the time due to my schedule in YWAM.

But I'm excited for this years list.

It's varied, it's long, but it's actually doable. One of them I can cross off sometime this month!

  1. launch my new blog
  2. document my 27th year with project life
  3. journal at least once a week
  4. read through the bible
  5. visit the grand canyon
  6. sew at least one piece of clothing (really, how long have i had this on a list)
  7. learn at least 20 songs on guitar 
  8. learn to speak basic french
  9. learn to speak basic spanish
  10. grow out my hair
  11. move into my own place
  12. have daily quiet times with God
  13. go on spontaneous road trip
  14. spend more time baking
  15. write more letters
  16. find a craft and hone in on my skills
  17. find a place to volunteer
  18. exercise my singing voice in some capacity
  19. visit one major city outside of phoenix
  20. explore phoenix
  21. get involved with a local church
  22. find a community/set of friends
  23. learn to extend grace and forgiveness
  24. begin to dream big
  25. start walking again
  26. learn at least 10 crochet stitches
  27. go to disney land

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