11 January 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane

It's today! I'm going to Cambodia for 2 months! I'm sitting on the floor of the airport, charging my iPhone and reading a book, while sipping on Starbucks. I'm leaving the comfortable for the adventure of a lifetime! I've been bad about updating on this here blog, but I do exist and am doing well! My team is holding up well and we are all giddy with excitement, playing on our devices, reading our books, and buying Skype credits! Which is what I will do so I can call home!
Thanks for all your prayers and support, all my my money came in right on time! Hours before I left for Christmas! In the last few hours of the night the rest of the money that people needed came in 1500 bucks! God is so good!
I hope to send out an update in Korea! Love and bless, and Happy New Year!

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