09 July 2010

Things that are making me smile - Friday Edition

For as stressed as I feel, I am very happy. Here are the top ten things that are making me smile.

1. It's Friday
2. Hearing this song: Adagio for Strings (Agnus Dei)
3. A recipe given to me for Ginger Lemonade (making that on Sunday)
4. I have three opportunities to sing this weekend.
5. Sharon's wedding.
6. I get to wear a formal dress for said wedding (I'm singing)
7. My brother's rolling into town tonight.
8. My rents are getting rid of cable! (less time for procrastination)
9. My TOMS are worn out, time to get a new pair...
Image Toms Shoes
I'm thinking this pair... 

10. Had Moroccan Tomato Soup this afternoon

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