20 December 2011

To Do List

I work a lot this week so, I need to find moments to get these things done...
1) Wrap Presents
2) Buy Dad's Birthday Present
3) Finish Crocheting Scarf
4) Continue to Clean and Organize Room
5) Figure out how much I need to save a month
6) Buy Grandparent's Gift via Worldvision.
7) Finish baking

What do you need to get done before Christmas??

Favorite Websites for Sewers or Newbies


I love creating. I'm an avid baker. And when I mean avid baker, I mean I love to bake, and if given the time. I would bake for a living. But, this post isn't about baking, it's about sewing. I'm in a brand new world when it comes to sewing. I don't have much experience, and my sewing machine scares me a bit but, I'm trying to overcome that fear.

So, I thought I'd learn a little bit more about what is out there in terms of the sewing world. Where can I find help, inspiration, and the tools I need to start such an ambitious endeavor (I love an expansive vocabulary).

Here are some websites that are great tools for sewing:
BURDASTYLE - There are projects, techniques, patterns, contests, and they just came out with a new book (It's on my wish list.)
Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing - I adore this blog, so many great tips!
Coletterie - Sewing tips, patterns, and they also came out with a new book that I own! I love it!
Adventures is Dressmaking - I learned how to cut up a pair of jeans and make shorts from this site. It's cute and she is good at finding patterns for a dress you would rather make than buy.

There are so other ones... But this is a start... I hope to share some projects with you soon!

Thanks for reading...

13 December 2011

Monies Follow up

First of all, if you haven't read my previous post, read this...

Since my last post was so gloomy, I thought I'd bring some sunshine over... Since, I'm trying not to spend money, here are 10 Things I Can Do for Free (or very low cost) that I love!!

10) Read Blogs

My blog reader always has blogs for me to read... I like so many kinds.. I've categorized some of my favorites! There's crafty, friends, faith, fashion, sewing, needle crafts, lifestyle, foodies, weddings...
Here are some daily reads:
Wild Olive
A Beautiful Mess
and here are some newly discovered ones I can't wait to dive into!
lauren bonk at laurenbonk.com (she's a lincolnite like me! and i know her)
Katie from the book Kisses from Katie
Swellmayde, they have tons of DIY

I could talk about blogs all day, they are so inspirational. I have probably a thousand blogs in my google reader. I'm almost all caught up... almost.

9) Sew clothing

I have tons of patterns ( I collect them). I haven't sewn an outfit since I was in middle school. It was actually a LOTR's costume, dress and an awesome cape! The dress is way too small, but I still love that cape!

I've also collected a lot of clearance fabric. I have tons for dresses and really pretty tops. I just need to start sewing. And it will be easy to buy notions since they are always on sale and I get great coupons. And fabrics are always going on clearance or super sale so spending no more than 10 bucks when I need a new dress just because can be an option!! But, I think I have enough stashed away to keep me busy for awhile.

I also just got The Colette Sewing Handbook, there is no reason why I can't be sewing. I have all my tools, now I just need the will and time.

8) Hulu/Netflix Marathon

I have money coming out of my account for 4 things a month, 2 of them are Hulu and Netflix. I mean c'mon. It's so cheap, cheaper than going to see two movies a month!! Plus there are so many shows in my que's. I'm trying to catch up with all my shows on Hulu. There are so many good new ones, plus my old one's are just great this season... :) Plus, I can re-watch Mad Men (I think I need to do that stat). Great fashion inspiration.

7) Workout at the gym // Train for the half marathon

I have a very cheap gym membership that I've been paying for 2 years and I never go. For awhile I didn't have a working car, but, that shouldn't be a deterrent. Tomorrow I will start training. I want sign up for the half marathon. It's already almost half filled up. Maybe I will pay for it with my savings. The joy of finishing it would make my year!!

6) Paint nails with colors already owned -- 

Cutepolish has so many cute diy's. I've done the galaxy one! I loved it!

Just recently have I started growing my polish collection. So, it is definitely time to start doing some fun funky things with my nails again!! And maybe when I have a great coupon or rebate from walgreens or cvs (or earn cvs bucks!!) will I get a new color. Or find a cheaper brand!  (there is a new pink sparkle one I WANT --stupid consumerism!!)

5) Catch up on reading 

My list is always growing and with my library card, the world is my oyster.
I have so many unread books in my room, maybe I shouldn't buy anymore books or go to the library for awhile?? I think that's a good idea. What are you reading right now? I'm reading: Matched, The Magicians,  and Good Morning, Holy Spirit.

4) Re-watch my favorite movies // Watch movies I own but haven't seen

I have a quite a few movies I purchased for real cheap, that I haven't even watched, what a great way to spend the evening with a brand new movie. I also have a few tv shows that I need to watch.

3) Learn an instrument // Re-learn the guitar

I have a guitar, and I need to use it! I use to play a few chords. I don't really remember anything. For me, since I work all the time, I don't have much time for the guitar. So, if I decide to start practicing once a week, and keep adding every few weeks, I should be decent in no time! I want to play at church, I just don't got the skills yet. But, I will have those skills sooooon!! LOL

2) I-Touch apps // Create playlists

So many things I have that just collect dust. My i-pod being one of them. I have so many free apps that I don't use that are great. It just doesn't want to keep charge. But, all the free apps and free music. I can create hours of fun for myself! Plus, make a great workout mix while I'm at it.

1) Have fun on Pinterest 

Pinterest has so many great ideas, which can inspire me to do so many things that I haven't even mentioned on my list of free (or almost free) things to do. Like bake, craft, re-arrange my room, print out neat quotes. As well as take some pics of my own to add to pinterest! Add me on pinterest! And if you don't want have an account, just send me an email requesting an invite, and I'll send you one. My email is lmwilliams2009 {at} gmail {dot} com



every once in awhile, I start a new budget, but i'm done not saving money or getting anywhere with monies owed other places. I have credit cards that I pay off and then use again and use again and use again. i'm so sick of having so much stuff and no money. i've gone over an old budget that i really like and i can plug in numbers and it can help me. but what stresses me out is that i have jobs that don't pay me a lot and i have a college degree. what can a person who wants to move out of the country do while she is living in the states. i'm wanting to go on short-term missions trips, but a person can't/shouldn't do that when owing lots of monies. the stress is on my shoulders and it's making me so uneasy because i hardly make any money. and the one other job i do have (where i make quite a bit is ending next week), they didn't want to make me full time. which stinks, but, that's life. and on top of all that, my car is kaputz. my parents have put so much money into it,  that it's better to just get a new one. i'm getting so frustrated and upset. why try and find a job that i can settle down on when i know i'm being called somewhere else. it makes me want to cry.

but, with all that i've said, i really need to purge a lot of items. sell them so that i can first make some extra income, as well as live minimally, i have plenty of time as an older adult to accumulate stuff. for a 25 year old, i have so much stuff. a lot i've wasted money on. money that could have gone into savings. i'm going to have to say goodbye to starbucks and buying when i'm upset. so, with a budget started, the first area i will be purging is my books... i have at least 300 of them. a lot are school books. i will be getting rid of so many but it will be good and cleansing. i think the only area i will keep most of my items are my sewing, arts, and crafts because those can be turned into things i can use, sell, and give away. and since i already have them i won't have to spend a lot of money on it. also i can give things to other places/people who can use it!

next will be my clothes. i have purged at least 50 items this year, but i have so many clothes. many i haven't worn in years that i just haven't wanted to part with. i need to get rid of them! asap!

sorry my posts have been such downers as of late. but this is good therapy for me... downsizing my life will be extremely hard, but there is no need to keep these things!

have you purged anything in your life recently? (tangible or intangible?)

also, i've been working on my goals for next year, they are epic... do you have goals? have you thought of them yet?

12 December 2011

On my side of the world...


Wow, recently my jobs have really started to get under my skin. I just can't get a break it seems. I'm not mad or angry, just exhausted and tired.

Thankfully, I had a little break last week. The week before last, I worked a double on Friday, a double on Saturday, and Sunday night. That's a lot of work. I felt sick on Monday and it was too Icy on Thursday so I didn't go in to my office job either of those days.

What am I so angsty about?? I work three part time jobs, one "office" job, one retail job, and one waitressing job. They all have their quirks, but they seem to make me a little quirky. I don't feel like bashing anyone. But, I can say I'm all burnt out... But here are some happy things in my life outside of work!!

Last week: I auditioned for a Musical in town and I got a lead role! (More on that when the casting goes up).
This week: I had my choir concert. It wasn't brilliant, but we sounded pretty good. And tomorrow is my mom's birthday!! I've also been working on my crocheting. For self taught, I think I'm doing just fine! I will share with you soon some of the homemade gifts this year on an upcoming post!

What have you been up to??

God Bless,

11 November 2011

25 Before 26


  1. Create a work space in my room so that I can: Spend time with God Effectively, Craft Efficiently, Sew Effortlessly, and Read Easily.
  2. Not waste time during my days wishing for things, but actually making them happen.
  3. Spend daily time with God in prayer and Bible reading.
  4. Read the Bible in a Year  or less (I was so close to my goal last year)
  5. Keep my life clean of distractions, my room and car free of clutter, and my workspaces not littered with chaos.
  6.  Be out of the red and the $$ in my savings to grow tremendously.
  7. Start a journal and write in it with honest updates (at least once a week)
  8. Work on a diet plan and stick with it even when it is hard and inconvenient. (Vegetarian/Vegan)
  9. Keep a water bottle on my person at all times and go for water before I grab a snack.
  10. Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, there is no excuse for a flabby-out of shape-overweight body!
  11. Create playlists of music for different parts of my day to motivate me in my tasks whether it is: cleaning, working out, spending time with God, doing the dishes, sewing/crafting.
  12. Finish projects that I start.
  13. Learn how to crochet and share what I learn.
  14. Learn how to play the guitar proficiently, so that I may play at church.
  15. Schedule "me time" once a week where there will be: no cell phone, no distractions, a time for pampering, or leisure.
  16. Participate in some sort of club, guild, running group, etc. (something that takes me out of my comfort zone.
  17. Read at least 100 pages a week.
  18. Start photographing 50 photos a week via fisheye camera, cell phone, ipod, and digital.
  19. Purge my life of unnecessary things. Tangible and intangible. 
  20. Respond promptly to emails, rsvps, and letters and pay all bills before due, as well as return calls and library books promptly.
  21. Write lists and finish them in a productive manner.
  22. Learn how to knit and share what I learn.
  23. Use my sewing machine constantly to make clothes, gifts, and to re-create items.
  24. Create a wardrobe that reflects my style and the style I want have.
  25. Make new traditions and memories!

25 Before 26 (21-25)

21. Write lists and finish them in a productive manner.
22. Learn how to knit and share what I learn.
23. Use my sewing machine constantly to make clothes, gifts, and to re-create items.
24. Create a wardrobe that reflects my style and the style I want have.
25. Make new traditions and memories!


25 Before 26 (16-20)

16. Participate in some sort of club, guild, running group, etc. (something that takes me out of my comfort zone)
17. Read at least 100 pages a week.
18. Start photographing 50 photos a week via fisheye camera, cell phone, ipod, and digital.
19. Purge my life of unnecessary things. Tangible and intangible. 
20. Respond promptly to emails, rsvps, and letters and pay all bills before due, as well as return calls and library books promptly.

25 Before 26 (11-15)

11. Create playlists of music for different parts of my day to motivate me in my tasks whether it is: cleaning, working out, spending time with God, doing the dishes, sewing/crafting.
12. Finish projects that I start.
13. Learn how to crochet and share what I learn.
14. Learn how to play the guitar proficiently, so that I may play at church.
15. Schedule "me time" once a week where there will be: no cell phone, no distractions, a time for pampering, or leisure.

25 before 26 (6-10)

6. Be out of the red and the $$ in my savings to grow tremendously.
7. Start a journal and write in it with honest updates (at least once a week)
8. Work on a diet plan and stick with it even when it is hard and inconvenient. (Vegetarian/Vegan)

9.Keep a water bottle on my person at all times and go for water before I grab a snack.
10. Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, there is no excuse for a flabby-out of shape-overweight body!

Expectations // 25 Before 26


Wow, I can't believe today is the big day. It seems so surreal to me and I don't know how I feel. On the one hand, I'm overjoyed that it is MY DAY! But, then I remember I am a quarter of a century old tomorrow! I'm so nervous. . . Why should I be nervous on the day of all days? Because, I want to make sure I have lived my life to the fullest. And to think that in only 25 years I will be fifty... Ok, I'm done thinking about that.

With everything, I have expectations about my birthday. I just know that everyone will remember, and there will be surprises around every corner and it will just be this magical day...

Wait, that dream wont come true? It's unrealistic, but every year I'm disappointed. This year is the first year I haven't asked for something that sounds selfish (I asked for work clothes), and I haven't even picked where I want to go out to eat with the family, I haven't planned anything with friends and I didn't take off at least part of my birthday.

I'm not complaining, just growing up! I will make tomorrow just as exciting even if there aren't any "surprises." My day will be what I make it... So, what's on the agenda for tomorrow?

November 11, 2011 - Agenda
6am - Time with God (What a great way to ring in a "new year" on this earth.
  :30 - Get ready for the day (pack for both jobs) And CLEAN (my room is such a pit)
8am - Breakfast (what should I have on my birthday??)
10am - Work at NWU (have I not told you about my new part time job??)
12pm - Lunch with Candice (how sweet is she, we're having sushi!!)
1pm - Meetings with prospective students for the rest of the afternoon
5pm - Get ready for work at the PNON (That's The Parthenon for short)
  :30 - Serve my little heart out with an extra big smile
11:11pm - Make a wish, c'mon... only twice in my life time will it be 11:11 on 11/11/11 (unless I live to be 125!).

Not the most  exciting day, but I'm going to make it fantastic!!

I'm not going to even go over what I did or didn't accomplish last year. But, my expectations are going to be a little bit different for my 25th year on this earth...

So here goes, my 25 before 26 (1-5)

  1. Create a work space in my room so that I can: Spend time with God Effectively, Craft Efficiently, Sew Effortlessly, and Read Easily.
  2. Not waste time during my days wishing for things, but actually making them happen.
  3. Spend daily time with God in prayer and Bible reading.
  4. Read the Bible in a Year  or less (I was so close to my goal last year)
  5. Keep my life clean of distractions, my room and car free of clutter, and my workspaces not littered with chaos.
The rest will be posted throughout the day!!

09 November 2011


Boy, have I been busy! Between my three part time jobs, and all the other things I'm involved with, I sometimes don't have time to come up for a breath of air. Wednesdays are my days off and this topic has been lying heavily on my heart, so here I go.

I have never shared my story of my "friendships" in my life. I've moved around a lot since I was very little. With all that moving, it was hard to find that "best friend." I don't want to bore you with the details, but I have had even more difficulty since junior high. Girls (and sometimes guys) were very rude, cold, and malicious to me. (Another side note: I was home schooled and these were friends from youth group.) They invited each other to birthday parties in front of me and would then turn to me and say "my mom said I could only invite a few people, and you're not invited." I would be sitting alone waiting for youth group and would ask girls if anyone is sitting with them and they would say no and move to a new spot. Even typing this out makes me a little emotional, and I think a lot of my trust issues stem from that.

Later, in my high school days, I experienced some of the same things but at least the high schoolers were a little more tactful. I had one "friend" in particular who would go after any guy that I liked and date them, so I couldn't. She even admitted she did that to me once, but to this day, I can't remember why she said that.

In college, I was able to make new "friends." It was hard, but I still have a few friends I keep in constant contact with, or I consider to be really close. There was one incident where a girl (not from school), was my "best friend," and behind my back she schemed to make sure my life didn't outshine hers. Sabotaging potential boyfriends (at the time I didn't see that blessing), but it was still rude and there was a lot of conflict and drama, because of all the lies and betrayal.

This goes to say, when a friend doesn't meet "my expectations," I get really upset and sometimes angry when they disappoint me. I don't know why, humans are flawed, and we all have our "fairy tale" life. I just never thought, I would be the one who wouldn't grow up with the same friend my whole life.

Why am I writing this post? This past year has been the hardest year I have ever had. My best friend moved to a foreign country in the Peace Corps and I haven't seen her in over a year (sidenote: she will be here for Christmas!!) My jobs switched because my Americorps VISTA position was over, I wasn't working a fulfilled job, and I just wasn't doing anything productive with my life. I've seen a busy friend get married and even busier (I haven't seen her since her wedding, which was in July), I've seen two friends move out of the state (one who won't talk to me, not sure why, but it hurts, a lot). And this year I had struggled to find my purpose. This past month, I had a friend who for no reason in my mind, just starting ignoring my texts and making me feel like I had done something awful.

I write this all to say, I've had some crappy things happen to me and I've relied on my own strength to move on and keep a hold of friendships. I'm not saying I don't have friends, but in a lot of my friendships, there is no consistency, and during this time in my life, I need that. I have friends who constantly go out, and I can say honestly, that was me, but I no longer live that lifestyle and I want to focus on things that will matter when all is said and done.

In this being my birthday week, it's interesting the gifts that God will bring. This morning, as I was lying in bed, feeling quite sorry for myself (being very selfish), for having no close christian friends who are girls, and for just feeling crummy, and even in all that mess, God spoke to me: He told me that there was no reason for me to be upset, first, because I haven't given Him the situation, and second, I need to give him the situation.

I know why it's been so hard for me recently to pray and read my bible, because I've been so bitter towards people and friendships, I've been filling the void that He (my infallible God) has been trying to fill with thoughts and sour attitudes towards fallible people.

Yes, I pray the prayer daily, whether I read my bible or not, to give God my whole day, and my whole being. But, I sometimes forget that also means individually talking about each area I'm letting Him takeover. Because, when He takes over, things go perfectly right, and I'm not worrying.

I've turned into a worrying person who is on go-go-go mode and I've been on auto-pilot when I shouldn't be the person in command of my ship plane.

Dear Lord,
I am using this day to re-energize and catch up with all that I need to do at home. I give you my whole day, Father God, help me not to waste even a second, but help it to be productive and also relaxing while I get accomplished what I need to get accomplished. I also give you my heart and my thoughts. Please be in control over them. Be in control over my time, finances, familial relationships, friendships, my jobs, my relationship with You, and over anything else I can't think about at the moment. I want you to have full control! Please be the author of my life, I submit completely to You.


THANK YOU for reading!! If you have even gotten this far. Why is it, that in my (almost) 25 years, I can't grasp that God, who loves me more than I can ever know, even wants control over my friendships?? Have a blessed day!!

Countdown to my birthday: 2 DAYS!!! 11/11/11

03 November 2011

Kisses From Katie Giveaway


I finished this book two days ago, and it really gave me a lot of insight. I know one day (hopefully sooner then later) I will be called to missions in africa and/or south america, but I'm not sure when, but I want to be ready.

Also, I was so inspired by this book, that I'm giving a free copy of the book!
Your choice of hardcover, kindle, nook or ibook edition.

FYI, this is a book about a missionary!!

What do you have to do?

Just comment on what your calling is. Mine is to be a missionary and worship leader. Yours may be a school teacher or whatever. What has/is called you to? Also, leave your email address so I can inform you if you won.
Extra entry if you tweet using: #kissesfromkatie and my handle @ren_was_here

The giveaway ends: NOV 11th, 11:59pm (Pacific Time) That's my birthday.

Also, starting the first of the year, I will be re-reading the book, and would love for anyone to join me. I'm thinking the His Daughter's Reading Club. What do you think? Share this with everyone you know! I want to share the miraculous love of Christ with everyone I can, so please spread this around!

Also, check her blog out!! The Journey!

Countdown to my 25th: 8 Days! 11-11-11

02 November 2011

November Goals - What I'm Reading


November Goals
1. Drink more water
2. Finish Graduate Application
3. Commit to read the bible every day!
4. Complete some sort of crafty project
5. All christmas gifts purchased

I'm currently reading

Its going slowly because my kindle broke last week, but I'm hoping to be done this week!

Countdown to my 25th: 9 Days! 11-11-11

01 November 2011

Changes - Welcome November


There have been many changes over the past few months.
Good and bad.
But, all to better me in the areas I need growth.

I've seen a new job.
I've seen God provide, when there was no way for me to provide for myself.
I've seen new relationships.
Even a new blog url/twitter handle.
But, most of all I've seen a big change in me.

November marks my birthday month!
I will be celebrating all month long. With tutorials, giveaways, inspirational posts, and much more.

I have some big plans for this blog, but I really have to commit to writing and contributing. I also have to commit to reading my bible everyday. I need to realize that God wants my full attention all the time, not some attention a part of the time.

I am truly blessed, Happy First Day of November!

Countdown to my 25th: 10 Days! 11-11-11

Twitterific Tuesday

I don't know why, but I love twitter convos! Have a great tuesday night!

31 October 2011

Not a Big Fan

I don't have any halloween costume this year. It's my least favorite holiday, but I do enjoy watching suspenseful movies!

Also, I want some hot apple cider!!! What movie am I going to watch??
I'll give you three clues:

Have a great evening!

30 October 2011

Links GaLore!

I have been absent of sharing links... So, over the next couple of days, I will be loading a lot of links! My poor google reader is all starred out! (they also may be outdated links)

Foodie :
Cupcake Cornucopia at Epheriell Designs

Random :
Oh So Lovely is Hosting a Fall Fest

Playing With Pens

How To :
Braided Scarf Tutorial
Polka-Dot Pintuck Skirt Tutorial
Pretty Paper Covered Composition Tutorial
Start Your Own Cupcake Camp
Knit A Tocama Sweater Pattern
Plaid Tie Shirt Tutorial
Quilt Class 101
Crocheting Class 101

Fall Feather Wreath Tutorial

Happy Sunday!


Weather: Perfect Fall Weather... Just crisp enough outside
Reading:  Kisses from Katie, and doing some light blog reading
Writing:  Upcoming Blog Posts, and Planning my week
Drinking: An Arnold Palmer (part lemonade, part ice tea) 
Listening: To the sound of my fan and outside
Buying: I really want this dress... 
Enjoying:  Some long needed rest and relaxation 
Loving: My New Job

Linked up with Her Library Adventures

29 October 2011

{Kind}le Death

Have I mentioned my Kindle died this week?

Oh, I haven't, well, let me tell you... MY KINDLE DIED THIS WEEK!

It was awful, I pulled it out to read while I had some down time, and the screen was acting funny. So, I let the battery die, and then charged it, assuming that would fix the problem...

It didn't, and the rest of the screen started acting up.

And, I was in the middle of a really good book...
Kisses From Katie (have you heard of it?)

You should definitely check it out!

May my Kindle rest in peace!

24 October 2011


I've been lazy and just haven't changed my url to work with my (ever changing) blog name. But this one is here to stay: so if you are in google reader, you will have to change it... It is now,
www.ren-was-here.blogspot.com. It will change on Wednesday... Switch your google readers and all that!

Much easier to remember!
Thanks for reading!

20 October 2011

Ze Other Blog

I am currently figuring out what Blog I want to use. I recently started up another blog on tumblr. It is devoted to my walk with Jesus. I need to be more vocal! So check it out:

Here's a teaser of this weeks post! It's insightful and also very intimate:

All sin is the same. Sexual, lying, disobeying God, killing, etc. Its all the same. God sees sin as sin. As christians, we need to see sin the same way.
That was a bit of a tangent, but I am really adamant on this subject.
Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out... Numbers 32.23
It happened to me. I was disobeying God, (He has awesome plans for everyone, but its up to us to make them happen), and I was found out with my sin in a very open and embarrassing way. But, instead of taking the "woe is me card," I realized God was waking me up, reminding me of his perfect will for my life.
Click here for the rest...

19 October 2011

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

It's sad when you can't even remember simple dates. Like a parents anniversary. I just remembered two seconds ago. I feel quite embarrassed. No wonder my parents were going out for lunch.

To the two best parents in the world!

Happy Anniversary!

Coldplay - new video

I absolutely adore Coldplay. If you didn't know that before, you know that now. Not many secular bands I still listen to, but Coldplay is one of them. Here's a video that premiered today!


19 September 2011

What I Believe

Image via pinterest

I believe in a higher power.
I believe in the one true God.
I believe that Jesus is the Son of God.
I believe that Jesus died for my sins.
I believe that Jesus is the only gateway to heaven.
I believe that when I die, I will go to heaven.
I believe God has a perfect will and destiny for my life.
I believe God has given me a vision and a purpose.
I believe in the Holy Spirit.
I believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God.
I believe in Creation.
I believe that the miracles in the Bible could happen today.
I believe that through God all things are possible!

I believe that oreos are a food group.
I believe that music is a language.
I believe that Narnia is a country ;)
I believe that holding my breath gets rid of my hiccups.
I believe true friends are very hard to find.
I believe the lochness monster exists.
I believe that man and dinosaurs roamed the earth simultaneously.
I believe in a thing called love.

What do you believe??

To learn more about my daily relationship with Jesus follow my tumblr!

18 September 2011

My Weekend

1. I finally made some money at my waitress job! Also, a pretty nice paycheck for that job as well!
2. I saw Contagion! It was a great movie! I really enjoyed it! Check out the trailer here!
3. Sunday morning service was awesome church. The sermon was about Principles of Multiplication - Based on Luke 9:12 -17 (Jesus Feeding of the "5000")
What's awesome about this story was that it was way more than 5000 fed. The 5000 number was each man, but there were also wives and children, who weren't counted.
If you don't know the story, look it up. What I took away from this sermon was:
What if God asks you to give it all?
If you are obedient, God will give you what you want!

This was a great weekend!
What did you do?

14 September 2011

Busyness is a Blessing/Update on My Life

I told someone at church the other day, that I have been bored at home. This boredom has helped me keep up with blogging, paint my nails in funky colors and designs, work on guest posts and crafts, and do some light baking. She must have prayed for me to stay busy so as not to be lazy. Well, whatever it is, I have been quite busy. I have to make about 3 dozen cupcakes for tonight's church event (basically wednesday nights are starting up and we're having a youth party to celebrate back to school.) After I bake cupcakes I have to get to work. I work until 4, then I have a breather before church. I haven't neglected my blog or been lazy. Just busy with the outside world, that I don't talk about much. I need to start being more personal with my blog again. I tend to enjoy writing in it more...

In my bible reading this month, I've been working on Proverbs. Proverbs is a great book in the bible of wisdom. This book has challenged me to ask for wisdom daily from God. I can't believe I will be done with Proverbs soon. I've been trying to figure out what I should read next. I finished the New Testament earlier this year, and if I read more than 4 chapters a day, I should be able to get through the Old Testament by New Years!

In other news, I've been trying to give my two weeks at one of my jobs, but every time I go in, they basically send me out and tell me they will do whatever they can to keep me because I'm such a good employee. It's interesting how you don't feel appreciated until you've begged for attention.

I recently worked on a poster for my Saturday Night Service for church. It's not my best work, but since I don't have access to photoshop or other adobe products, I did with it what I could.

I need to be more deliberate with my applications. I've taken a bit of a hiatus. But, I need to spend at least a half an hour everyday on either applications or the GRE! It's stressful to think about, so I avoid it. I need to work on that.

In other news, my CW shows started this week! I was super excited about this until I realized it takes a week for them to show up on the website (I don't have cable). So, I will patiently wait for next week, while I catch up on Parenthood, and watch old episodes of Everwood that I've borrowed from the library.

I think this is a lot, but this is a more personal side of me! Expect scheduled posts soon. Tomorrow I will have time to bang out a few posts for upcoming weeks!

Have a blessed day!


10 September 2011

Smells Good

Well, I haven't had time to bake anything this week so I don't have anything to show you from my kitchen, but here are some things that I will be baking in the near future.

via Joy The Baker

 via Design*Sponge

via Sophistimom

via Cakespy 

via modcloth
via loveelycia

via bakerella

via a beautiful mess
This is just a sampling. Come back on Sunday for more link love. Also, I was featured over at Shannon*Bear's blog party. See my awesome DIY!

09 September 2011

Whoops/30 Lists Update

I was doing so well at making sure I blogged something everyday, but I missed the ball on that yesterday. I had to put in time elsewhere. But, my blog notebook is filled with scheduled posts. So, with that said I wanted to apologize for not keeping up with #30Lists. I will be working on that this afternoon. But, I would like to say that our first list was our goals for this month and I've already achieved 2 out of the 9!
Here is the list again!
1. Finish "The Help" - I'm halfway through this great novel, I'm hoping to be done by next week! (I'm done!!! There will be a review of the book at the end of the month.)
2. Try new design on nails - I just bought some new nail polishes and I found some great tutorials. There is no reason why I can't try something new!
I finally tried this tutorial from cutepolish.
Here's the finished project!
It needs some work, but they're suppose to be celestial. It called for yellow nail polish which I don't have, but for a first try I think I did alright!

3. Start sewing - I have a pattern and everything to go with it to make a skirt.
4. Write overseas friends - I have two friends overseas who would love to receive a letter from me.
5. Organize email/desktop - This is long overdue, enough said
6. Re-learn knitting - There are some projects I want to work on, but my skills aren't up to par.
7. Keep up with blog - I have a notebook that I chart my posts. I have so many great ideas!
8. Drink more h20 - It's hard...
9. Finish 30 Days of Lists - I'm notorious for starting something without finishing...

How are your month goals going?? I really need to drink more water! Carrying around a water bottle or a cup with a straw will help me! What helps you??

07 September 2011

Movies: I need to watch/finish

I have a collection of movies that I've either started but not finished or not watched yet. A lot of them are movies I found on super sale (target or a movie store closing, or an amazon deal). I love movies: let me clarify, I LOVE MOVIES)

Here are the movies -
1. Away We Go - I've started this movie, but I don't ever remember finishing it. What I've seen is cute. I love those to actors!! (Blockbuster closing)
2. Deliver Us From Eva - Got it via amazon because it was $4-$5.
3. Fantastic Mr. Fox - I've heard rave reviews and it was on super sale at Target.
4. I'm Not There -  I bought this movie ages ago because I love the actors in this movie and I like Bob Dylan, but I just have never gotten around to watching the whole thing. (Target)
5. Ocean's Twelve - I've seen the first one, just haven't gotten around to watching the second one. (Blockbuster)
6. Rachel Getting Married - I started this one awhile back and haven't finished it. It's long but very good. (Local Rental Store)
7. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest - I've seen the first two movies (which are riveting) but haven't watched this one yet. (Blockbuster)
8. Wendy and Lucy - I rented this via itunes and wasn't able to finish it. I was able to buy it at blockbuster.
9. The Wackness - Read great reviews on sale at blockbuster so I bought it.
10. The Lookout - I have no idea what this movie is about, but it was 99 cents because it had no case. It seemed like a great deal to me!

What movies do you own that you haven't seen?

06 September 2011

My Pile of Books

There are so many books I want to read. I have a bookshelf dedicated to books I want to read. But here are some that stand out from the pack.

These are in no particular order:
1. Charles Dickens - David Copperfield
2. The Portable Sixties Reader
3. J.D. Salinger - The Catcher in the Rye

4. Stephen King - Insomnia
5. Sylvia Plath - The Bell Jar
6. Jean Kwok - Girl in Translation
7. Harper Lee - To Kill a Mockingbird

8. Beautiful Jim Key
9. George R.R. Martin - Game of Thrones
10. Suze Orman - The Money Book for Young, Fabulous, and Broke
11. Khaled Hosseini - The Kite Runner
12.Kate Chopin - The Awakening and other Stories

05 September 2011

Happy Labor Day / Fall Goals

I hope no one has to work like I do on Labor Day! 
At least it's a pretty short shift! I'm only hosting, so I should be able to read "The Help" (I'm almost done!)

I also wanted to share with you my fall goals! I haven't been very good at sharing nor finishing my goals, but I'm going to be more intentional in achieving my goals and also sharing them with you guys. 
 1: Be more intentional sharing and achieving my goals. I love writing lists and goals, but I don't have the best track record for keeping up with them!
2: Work on biking more / Get bike fixed. I have a bike I got last year for my birthday and it's just not in the best condition. I need a new tire. I would like to start riding my bike to work (it's less then 5 miles from mi casa)
3: Organizing my craft and sewing items. It's kind of a mess because I have them scattered in containers and there are some things that are divided that should be together. This will be a fun one!
4: Make Christmas Cards via online or handmade I either want to make them or go through moo.com and make cards to send!
5: Get past the basic Knit Stitch. I can knit till the cows come home, but that's it, just knit. I want to pearl and some other fun stitches. Making somethings would be great! 
6: Learn and successfully make a granny square (crochet). I am not that great at crochet, so if I intentionally make a goal of accomplishing a granny square my skills will improve.
7: Work on projects from "All in the Details" Class I have a lot of materials I just haven't made anything. I need to get to work on my embroidery skills.
8: Save $500. Self-explanatory. 
9: Read more than 3 books! ditto...
10: Lose 10 lbs  I was doing so well, but I feel I've been pigging out and eating all the wrong things for my body and drinking way too much pop!
11: NO FAST FOOD!!! This goes with what I said in ten!

04 September 2011

My Weekend

I did my nails on Thursday

I haven't done a my weekend post in forever. So, I thought I would share my weekend.

1. Work
I worked a double shift on Friday - Hosting then Serving. I didn't make a lot of money. People were cheap with their meals and tipping. I also worked a very long shift on Saturday and hardly made any money. But, I'm not going to complain because God is my provider.

2. My Uncle
My uncle is in town for an extended weekend. My family has been laughing a lot and watching movies. We watched True Grit and Sanctem. True Grit was a great movie, Sanctem was alright.

3. Church
I went to 3 services this weekend, Saturday Night Life, Sunday Morning, and a Burmese service Sunday afternoon. It's been a long weekend, but each service was great!

I didn't have much time, but I hope today I get some work done...

1. 30 Lists
2. My 2 guest posts!

It will be great...

What did you do this weekend?

My week:
Thursday: Fall TV Preview
Friday: Where I Work, #30 Lists
Saturday: Smells Good
Sunday: Link Love Sunday

03 September 2011

Link Love Sunday

I've been sharing my link love occasionally for you, but I decided to now dedicate Sundays to the links I've enjoyed!
I apologize if some of these links are a little outdated, I had so many from the last round that I thought I would just wait until this round!

Joy the Baker not only bakes but loves doing her nails! Check out this post on her inspirations!

Miss Indie is giving away 100 bones gift card to Urban Outfitters, this is seriously one of my favorite stores that I just can't afford. (I can't afford anything unless it's on sale).
Kaleah over at Little Chief Honey Bee is giving a away a turntable! YES A TURNTABLE! I've been eyeing those forever! I just need to save my pennies, but winning this would be awesome too!

Vegan Carrot Cherry Breakfast Cookies via Joy the Baker look amazing. And I always feel better when I eat Vegan so I will definitely have to give these a try! She also has these amazing looking Whole Wheat flatbread with herb cucumber and yogurt dip. What about a Peach Blueberry Pie? Or Lavender and Toasted Walnut Scones? I love grits and I really want to try out this recipe: Fresh Corn and Goat Cheese Grits
Raspberry Chocolate Cupcakes from sunshine and carousels are making my mouth water, if you don't know me already, I adore cupcakes!
Creature Comforts shared A Little Relish magazine and the recipe for Buttermilk Scones with Rhubarb Cream is making my mouth water.
Bubble/Boba tea recipe over at Elsie's on A Beautiful Mess. I'm always scared to eat the tapioca part whenever I try it! I need to not be scared and just make my own!
I feel like I'm sinning by just looking at this Midnight Sin Chocolate Cake made by Not So Humble Pie.
Sweetopia has two recipes that I would someday like to make Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes and Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting. Looks like I need a whole day devoted to just making cupcakes!
Owl Bookplates found at My Owl Barn (I LOVE OWLS, LLAMAS, and DEER!)

Indie Fixx has the cutest back to school guide  "hipsters" addition. I use this term very loosely, but these items make me chuckle!
I love paisley and this sample of embroidery makes my heart just a little bit warmer. Thanks for sharing Feeling Stitchy!

Smells Good : Chocolate Sheet Cake

This recipe is probably the most popular cake in my family... I'm not sharing the actual recipe with you because I feel like I would be betraying my grandmother. But, I will share some pictures... IF you would like the recipe, I can see if my grandmother will let me email it to you...

Enjoy the pictures. This cake is amazing!

If you want the recipe please email me at lmwilliams2009{at}gmail{dot}com.

02 September 2011

Where I Work

Even though I'm a college graduate, I didn't want to go into the field that I studied in undergrad (no I don't believe my education was a waste of money). Until I attend graduate school (I'm in the process of applying), I work at a local Greek Restaurant!

It's called: The Parthenon!

I'm a server there, but occasionally I host! Here's what it looks on the inside!

This place has amazing gyros! But my favorite dish is the Mousaka (Eggplant Lasagna), with layers of eggplant, zucchini, potatoe, cheese, ground beef, cream sauce, cheese, topped with a red sauce and  hint of nutmeg! Just thinking about this dish is making my mouth water!

As you can see I'm currently reading THE HELP. It is page turner! I can't put it down. Well, this is where I work! I hope you enjoyed!