28 September 2009


It's interesting to listen to students and what their weekends entailed. I am schocked that they don't remember huge chunks and how it was the "best weekend ever."
I had the "best weekend ever." I didn't have to go downtown or to the hottest party, I didn't have to spend oodles of money or travel all around the city. I spent my time with a good friend at the Lincoln Brewster Concert, volunteered at my church for Angel Food, and just relaxed at home. I loved every minute of it.
I'm so glad God has changed my life and my vision for my life.
Praise be to God!

22 September 2009

Welcome Autumn

Fall is officially here! Autumn is my favorite season. I love the how the trees change colors, how the air turns crisp, and how I get to wear sweatshirts and sweaters. I love having an excuse to bake, drink hot apple cider, and to breathe in the wonderful smells of autumn. Life has been slow as of late; I'm enjoying this lull, the calm before the storm.
I feel recently that God is listening and answering my prayers, but I feel like he is a million miles away. I know that these things happen and I love talking with Him, but I don't appreciate the distance.
I am glad I had a reason to revive my blog and a reason to exercise my writing skills. They are a quite rusty.
My newest passion has been crafting/sewing/knitting/crocheting. I always seem to want to craft when the weather gets colder. At the moment I'm working on my sisters presents for her 12th birthday. I decided to give her 12 gifts. Not all of them are big and some I will make. I bought materials to make her a bag for her music books.
But, I need to stop procrastinating and get ready for work.
More later...
The Grumpy Toast