28 December 2009

Call Me Crazy!

I can't believe the New Year starts on Friday! It feels like 2009 just started. With a new year comes new years resolutions. I've decided against resolutions and have decided for goals.
Goals are a lot more attainable I think. Instead of having that daunting resolution that you know you will break, I'd rather have a goal that I can reach towards.

So, here is an abbreviated list of my goals. They are lofty, but I hope they will keep me going in Twenty-Ten!

1) Spiritual
    a) Spend at least 30 minutes with God / Daily
    b) Keep a prayer journal / Daily
    c) Keep up with the Lincoln City Women's Bible Study
2) Physical
    a) Workout at least 5 days / Weekly
    b) Be able to run 12 miles by Dec. 31, 2010
3) Mental
    a) Read at least one book / Monthly
    b) Keep a journal / Daily    
4) Extra-curricular
    a) Do a sewing project / Monthly
    b) Go out for coffee on Sunday Nights
    c) Participate in Music / Weekly
    d) Blog 5 Times / Weekly

As I said lofty goals. Not all of them are listed. But I think with God's help I can accomplish them. I really want to amp up my prayer life and spend more time with God. I struggle with that. I think everyone does. 

Call me crazy... But what can I say? I'm a list writer, that's what I do...
Happy New Year!

24 December 2009

Feliz Navidad

Merry Christmas! Jesus is born. I pray that you have peace this Christmas, please pray that my family does also.

Yes, I'm totally rocking the plaid! I'm snuggled up with my Naked Juice and my two books I'm reading for January. God Bless!

21 December 2009

Only love proves to be the truth

I can't believe I haven't written since the end of November. I was so excited about writing! What happened? Was I too bogged down?

I feel that I blog when I'm stressed or feel that God has put something on my heart. I haven't been ignoring God, I just feel distant. I hate that I go through seasons. I wish I was always on with God. But,  I seem to struggle in many areas of my life. Eating, dieting, blogging. You get the idea.

Christmas is a holiday that I look forward to every year. But as I get older, I realize how much my life has changed. I'm no longer dying to see what "big" present I got, I'm now just excited that I don't have to work for a week.

I feel that Christmas has gotten out of hand. We traded in Jesus' birth for the newest Apple product. We've started practicing greed instead of giving, commercialism instead of sharing, envy instead of thankfulness.  Christmas, if not careful, can cause brokenness. Brokenness in the bank, brokenness in relationships, and brokenness (in a negative way) in our own hearts.

I went to the mall to grab a card because I needed to send a package. People bumped into me and I apologized, I was greeted with grunts and glares. People weren't smiling. Maybe they're unhappy because this Christmas will put them in the red. Maybe they're upset because this Christmas they are alone. Maybe they're disagreeable because this Christmas they have been left. I don't know, but I smiled and showed kindness.

I left the mall very upset. Not because I spent too much money, or couldn't find the "perfect gift." I was upset because people weren't happy. Isn't this suppose to be "the most wonderful time of the year?" As I was discussing this very subject with a good friend, we both agreed we felt more like Scrooge this year the Santa Claus.

I told him that why do people stress about Christmas? Why do they go broke, etc.? We should be practicing Christmas all year.

How do we do that? Well, John 3:16 sums it up. God's love. That's it. It's so simple. Almost too simple. I know I've been sucked into "the spirt of Christmas." I'm not talking about the love, but the greed, loneliness, commercialism, etc.

So, as you are spending your time these next couple of days before Christmas Day, remember "the reason for the season." Remember that the reason extends Christmas, it extends religion, it extends race, it extends ethnicity, it extends gender, it extends time, it extends earth.

"Only love proves to be the truth." These are the lines of song that just happened to be on while I'm typing.  It's creepy. God is an amazing God.

Merry Christmas,