13 February 2012

Monday's Ideal To Do List

I'm starting / have started a tradition of texting friends for last minute plans
I think this month will be bowling on a Saturday night (my only free night this week)!

Hello Wonderful People:

A very run-down Lauren is writing to you!

With working and rehearsals (besides "life") this past weekend, I'm ready for a vacation!

I had a glorious and beautiful list of things I wanted to get accomplished this fine afternoon, but time has already escaped me (catching up on sleep and relaxing).

So, I think I'm going to:

1) Get ready
2) Read my Bible
3) Practice lines, music, and dance for Little Shop
4) Write a few blogs

I really wanted to get some sewing in as well as working out. But, I just need to eat right and drink plenty of orange juice and emergen-c so that I don't get sick. I can add my workout routine when I have a little bit more time on my hands!

By the way, my show opens next week! I'm so excited! What do you have going on today?

My Weekend: List Form

         ☁ Worked all day
         ☁ Rehearsal all night
         ☁ 9am meeting
         ☁ Work from 8:30 pm - 3:30 am
         ☁ Went to bed around 4:20
         ☁ Wake up at 7:20 
         ☁ Church 8:30
         ☁ Children's Church 11:00
         ☁ Children Church Meeting 1:45 - 3:45
         ☁ Nap 4 - 5:15
         ☁ Rehearsal - First run through entire show 6 - 10
         ☁ Work 10:30 pm - 1:00 am
         ☁ ME = Exhausted

How was your weekend??

09 February 2012

Things I... v.4

This weeks Things I... is dedicated to internet <3. I read so many blogs throughout the week and there are so many brilliant minds out there. So, here's my link dump for the week. Some of these links may be a bit outdated, but still good!

Alright. Here goes.

Things I...

Want to make
This ice cream!! I love ice cream and Cheryl over at A Pretty Cool Life has an awesome recipe to make ice cream without an ice cream maker!
I definitely have all the supplies to make these cute bracelets! Thanks to Swellmayde!
What a great way to decorate a wall! Rebecca over at Manzanita has a perfect diy to decorate with embroidery hoops.
What?!? A Vegan Peanut Butter Shake Recipe? Kyla over at Kyla Roma shares.

Want to think about
Elsie shares how to Make and Keep New Years Resolutions.
Katie over at The Journey author of Kisses from Katie has an awesome post about God Perfect Timing. Brought tears to my eyes. (Also, if you haven't read her book, you need to read it stat! Best book I've read in a long time!)
As you know, I'm getting into running, but I'm not a runner. Ashley's words over at Make it and Love It are very true and speak to a non-runner's soul.

Want to do:
The Modcloth blog has started a Nail Klub and will be sharing how to nail art. You know me and nail art. If you don't, I love nail art. This month they are teaching how to marble your polish!
Kaylah and Elycia have an awesome zig-zag nail art tutorial that I will be trying tonight (hopefully).

What have you found around the internet that have got you thinking, moving, creating? I would love to know! Later, I'm sharing a post about the happenings of me and my blog.

06 February 2012

25 before 26 update

  1. Create a work space in my room so that I can: Spend time with God Effectively, Craft Efficiently, Sew Effortlessly, and Read Easily. I'm in the process of doing this, I have my books organized, and I am almost done with my craft/sewing!
  2. Not waste time during my days wishing for things, but actually making them happen. I'm getting better, it helps that I get up a little bit earlier than I use too! 
  3. Spend daily time with God in prayer and Bible reading. The prayer part is a little slow, but I've been diligently reading my bible.
  4. Read the Bible in a Year  or less (I was so close to my goal last year) see above
  5. Keep my life clean of distractions, my room and car free of clutter, and my workspaces not littered with chaos. This one has been hard... I am working on it!
  6.  Be out of the red and the $$ in my savings to grow tremendously. Working on it.
  7. Start a journal and write in it with honest updates (at least once a week) Not really.
  8. Work on a diet plan and stick with it even when it is hard and inconvenient. (Vegetarian/Vegan) Need to create a menu so that this plan can be implemented precisely.
  9. Keep a water bottle on my person at all times and go for water before I grab a snack. Nope
  10. Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, there is no excuse for a flabby-out of shape-overweight body! Not even close.
  11. Create playlists of music for different parts of my day to motivate me in my tasks whether it is: cleaning, working out, spending time with God, doing the dishes, sewing/crafting. No.
  12. Finish projects that I start. This one I am currently creating a list of unfinished projects.
  13. Learn how to crochet and share what I learn. I did this one! I just haven't shared what I made! Will share soon.
  14. Learn how to play the guitar proficiently, so that I may play at church. Currently learning.
  15. Schedule "me time" once a week where there will be: no cell phone, no distractions, a time for pampering, or leisure. Nope
  16. Participate in some sort of club, guild, running group, etc. (something that takes me out of my comfort zone. Nope.
  17. Read at least 100 pages a week. With my Bible reading I'm at least reading 50.
  18. Start photographing 50 photos a week via fisheye camera, cell phone, ipod, and digital. Haha.
  19. Purge my life of unnecessary things. Tangible and intangible. This I'm doing pretty good at!
  20. Respond promptly to emails, rsvps, and letters and pay all bills before due, as well as return calls and library books promptly. For the most part.
  21. Write lists and finish them in a productive manner. Getting easier.
  22. Learn how to knit and share what I learn. Nope.
  23. Use my sewing machine constantly to make clothes, gifts, and to re-create items.  Working on it.
  24. Create a wardrobe that reflects my style and the style I want have. Working on it.
  25. Make new traditions and memories! In January I texted a  lot of people and had an improtu movie night (two nights in a row). Once a month I want to have some sort of cheap/free outing. I need to do a better job of documenting it!

05 February 2012

Money Money Money

I hope you enjoyed my post last week about "The Care and Keeping of Friends." If you haven't read it yet, you should definitely check it out!

Well, it's that time of the week to start stressing about everything life is throwing at me. Of course, I'm known to complain about money quite a bit on this blog! But, I had been planning on doing a "spending diet". I'm adapting this from the blog And Then She Saved. I know, I keep saying I'm not going to spend any money, but then I see my bank account dwindling little by little and bills piling up. I wish I could say, I have little to zero debt, but that's not the case. It's not gastronomic, but it's enough to worry a person who's trying to be debt free by July! I'm planning on joining YWAM in September, and I'd prefer to be debt free and have no monies due anywhere!

So, what does this money diet look like? Besides bills, I'm only spending money on food (groceries) and gas. That means I won't be sponsoring any blogs for awhile (I sponsored 2 in January, and three this month). But, with everything I want to accomplish, I'm going to even give that up. That also means, no new running clothes, no new american eagle clothes (gasp), and no frou-frou coffees.

I just suspended my Hulu and Netflix accounts and will be canceling my gym membership as well! Even though it's going to get cold again, I can and will run in the cold. It's free to run outside, not so much for the gym. With taking those three things out, I'm saving: $27. Which can go to my compassion child!

That's the other thing. I have quite a few "money commitments."

My compassion child
My faith pledge at church - this ends in April
Cell Phone and Cell Phone Insurance
Car Insurance

So, I'm giving myself an allowance of $100 a month. That will be used for food and gas. The extra will be put into savings. I can only use my savings for YWAM applications and races. I need these races for the half-marathon I've signed up for.

Can I do it? Can I only spend $100 a month?? Let's see, follow along with me on the journey (and maybe my dad will let me use his hulu and netflix??
Starting February 6! Who's with me??

02 February 2012

Warby Parker Time 5

Ok, so, I'm super excited to share with you some big news!

Are you ready for it?

Ok, I'll wait!

I'm getting a new pair of glasses. I know, you were thinking I was moving or engaged or something. Neither of those are remotely possible (ok, maybe the enga... moving).

But, I do need your help! I only have a few days to decide which pair of glasses I want!
I'm going through Warby Parker. They have this wonderful home try-on, where you are sent 5 pairs of glasses and then you can decide which pair you would like!

There packing is great as well:

Would you like to see the glasses?? Let's go!

I took these pictures at a local coffee shop/bookstore. So, I'm trying to be inconspicuous!

                                         carlen in amber - 1st pair 

zagg in striped chestnut
wiloughby - tennessee whiskey

reece - whiskey tortoise

winston - old fashioned fade
So, which ones do you like? Vote here:

I will tally up the votes on Sunday, and share how each pair did. Then when I receive the real thing(s), I will let all of you lovely readers know!

So, get to voting!
Here are they are again!

Thanks for stopping by! And thanks Warby Parker for such a great service!