14 December 2013

it's officially coming

the new blog...
it's officially coming! i'm launching it on... you guessed it... Jan 1st.

there's still a lot to do for it to be ready, but i'm ready to share with you what i've been working on!
i have so many papers of plans bent with use and transportation with ideas and dreams for the new blog.

there will also be a giveaway on Ren Was Here to get the word out! more to come soon...

follow me on instagram to see how the progress is coming a long and my frequent sharing on my daily life!

11 December 2013


i love this time of year. but i hate how busy it gets. Still need to get quite a few Christmas gifts and i'm running out of time and money. 

the most stressful time of the year.

giving it all to Jesus!

10 December 2013

moments of glory

I've had some great moments if glory. 

Even when I'm at my lowest, He always shows up. Even when I feel so alone, He is there. And I'm not saying it in that cliche way, but in a tangible way, God has been revealing Himself. Sometimes I get lost in the chaos that is life. And I realize that's not what it is about. 

"It's about being who I created you to be." - God

02 December 2013

can we talk for a minute?

i've been in Arizona for 127 days.

i have lots of things to be grateful about.

a new car
a place to love
a fantastic job
family all together

but there is one area that i'm forever having a hard time.
i've written many a posts and seem to get no where.

the care and keeping of friends.
i haven't met anyone at the church i've been attending, but i still feel called to go there.
work friends are on and off. sometimes their on, but most of the time, i don't even get a response from them.

the only thing i can think to do, is to give it to God. i can't make people like me, talk to me, or hang out with me. but i do know the Giver of Good Gifts.

127 days is a short amount of time if you really think about it.