13 December 2011


every once in awhile, I start a new budget, but i'm done not saving money or getting anywhere with monies owed other places. I have credit cards that I pay off and then use again and use again and use again. i'm so sick of having so much stuff and no money. i've gone over an old budget that i really like and i can plug in numbers and it can help me. but what stresses me out is that i have jobs that don't pay me a lot and i have a college degree. what can a person who wants to move out of the country do while she is living in the states. i'm wanting to go on short-term missions trips, but a person can't/shouldn't do that when owing lots of monies. the stress is on my shoulders and it's making me so uneasy because i hardly make any money. and the one other job i do have (where i make quite a bit is ending next week), they didn't want to make me full time. which stinks, but, that's life. and on top of all that, my car is kaputz. my parents have put so much money into it,  that it's better to just get a new one. i'm getting so frustrated and upset. why try and find a job that i can settle down on when i know i'm being called somewhere else. it makes me want to cry.

but, with all that i've said, i really need to purge a lot of items. sell them so that i can first make some extra income, as well as live minimally, i have plenty of time as an older adult to accumulate stuff. for a 25 year old, i have so much stuff. a lot i've wasted money on. money that could have gone into savings. i'm going to have to say goodbye to starbucks and buying when i'm upset. so, with a budget started, the first area i will be purging is my books... i have at least 300 of them. a lot are school books. i will be getting rid of so many but it will be good and cleansing. i think the only area i will keep most of my items are my sewing, arts, and crafts because those can be turned into things i can use, sell, and give away. and since i already have them i won't have to spend a lot of money on it. also i can give things to other places/people who can use it!

next will be my clothes. i have purged at least 50 items this year, but i have so many clothes. many i haven't worn in years that i just haven't wanted to part with. i need to get rid of them! asap!

sorry my posts have been such downers as of late. but this is good therapy for me... downsizing my life will be extremely hard, but there is no need to keep these things!

have you purged anything in your life recently? (tangible or intangible?)

also, i've been working on my goals for next year, they are epic... do you have goals? have you thought of them yet?

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