12 December 2011

On my side of the world...


Wow, recently my jobs have really started to get under my skin. I just can't get a break it seems. I'm not mad or angry, just exhausted and tired.

Thankfully, I had a little break last week. The week before last, I worked a double on Friday, a double on Saturday, and Sunday night. That's a lot of work. I felt sick on Monday and it was too Icy on Thursday so I didn't go in to my office job either of those days.

What am I so angsty about?? I work three part time jobs, one "office" job, one retail job, and one waitressing job. They all have their quirks, but they seem to make me a little quirky. I don't feel like bashing anyone. But, I can say I'm all burnt out... But here are some happy things in my life outside of work!!

Last week: I auditioned for a Musical in town and I got a lead role! (More on that when the casting goes up).
This week: I had my choir concert. It wasn't brilliant, but we sounded pretty good. And tomorrow is my mom's birthday!! I've also been working on my crocheting. For self taught, I think I'm doing just fine! I will share with you soon some of the homemade gifts this year on an upcoming post!

What have you been up to??

God Bless,

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