20 December 2011

Favorite Websites for Sewers or Newbies


I love creating. I'm an avid baker. And when I mean avid baker, I mean I love to bake, and if given the time. I would bake for a living. But, this post isn't about baking, it's about sewing. I'm in a brand new world when it comes to sewing. I don't have much experience, and my sewing machine scares me a bit but, I'm trying to overcome that fear.

So, I thought I'd learn a little bit more about what is out there in terms of the sewing world. Where can I find help, inspiration, and the tools I need to start such an ambitious endeavor (I love an expansive vocabulary).

Here are some websites that are great tools for sewing:
BURDASTYLE - There are projects, techniques, patterns, contests, and they just came out with a new book (It's on my wish list.)
Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing - I adore this blog, so many great tips!
Coletterie - Sewing tips, patterns, and they also came out with a new book that I own! I love it!
Adventures is Dressmaking - I learned how to cut up a pair of jeans and make shorts from this site. It's cute and she is good at finding patterns for a dress you would rather make than buy.

There are so other ones... But this is a start... I hope to share some projects with you soon!

Thanks for reading...

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