13 December 2011

Monies Follow up

First of all, if you haven't read my previous post, read this...

Since my last post was so gloomy, I thought I'd bring some sunshine over... Since, I'm trying not to spend money, here are 10 Things I Can Do for Free (or very low cost) that I love!!

10) Read Blogs

My blog reader always has blogs for me to read... I like so many kinds.. I've categorized some of my favorites! There's crafty, friends, faith, fashion, sewing, needle crafts, lifestyle, foodies, weddings...
Here are some daily reads:
Wild Olive
A Beautiful Mess
and here are some newly discovered ones I can't wait to dive into!
lauren bonk at laurenbonk.com (she's a lincolnite like me! and i know her)
Katie from the book Kisses from Katie
Swellmayde, they have tons of DIY

I could talk about blogs all day, they are so inspirational. I have probably a thousand blogs in my google reader. I'm almost all caught up... almost.

9) Sew clothing

I have tons of patterns ( I collect them). I haven't sewn an outfit since I was in middle school. It was actually a LOTR's costume, dress and an awesome cape! The dress is way too small, but I still love that cape!

I've also collected a lot of clearance fabric. I have tons for dresses and really pretty tops. I just need to start sewing. And it will be easy to buy notions since they are always on sale and I get great coupons. And fabrics are always going on clearance or super sale so spending no more than 10 bucks when I need a new dress just because can be an option!! But, I think I have enough stashed away to keep me busy for awhile.

I also just got The Colette Sewing Handbook, there is no reason why I can't be sewing. I have all my tools, now I just need the will and time.

8) Hulu/Netflix Marathon

I have money coming out of my account for 4 things a month, 2 of them are Hulu and Netflix. I mean c'mon. It's so cheap, cheaper than going to see two movies a month!! Plus there are so many shows in my que's. I'm trying to catch up with all my shows on Hulu. There are so many good new ones, plus my old one's are just great this season... :) Plus, I can re-watch Mad Men (I think I need to do that stat). Great fashion inspiration.

7) Workout at the gym // Train for the half marathon

I have a very cheap gym membership that I've been paying for 2 years and I never go. For awhile I didn't have a working car, but, that shouldn't be a deterrent. Tomorrow I will start training. I want sign up for the half marathon. It's already almost half filled up. Maybe I will pay for it with my savings. The joy of finishing it would make my year!!

6) Paint nails with colors already owned -- 

Cutepolish has so many cute diy's. I've done the galaxy one! I loved it!

Just recently have I started growing my polish collection. So, it is definitely time to start doing some fun funky things with my nails again!! And maybe when I have a great coupon or rebate from walgreens or cvs (or earn cvs bucks!!) will I get a new color. Or find a cheaper brand!  (there is a new pink sparkle one I WANT --stupid consumerism!!)

5) Catch up on reading 

My list is always growing and with my library card, the world is my oyster.
I have so many unread books in my room, maybe I shouldn't buy anymore books or go to the library for awhile?? I think that's a good idea. What are you reading right now? I'm reading: Matched, The Magicians,  and Good Morning, Holy Spirit.

4) Re-watch my favorite movies // Watch movies I own but haven't seen

I have a quite a few movies I purchased for real cheap, that I haven't even watched, what a great way to spend the evening with a brand new movie. I also have a few tv shows that I need to watch.

3) Learn an instrument // Re-learn the guitar

I have a guitar, and I need to use it! I use to play a few chords. I don't really remember anything. For me, since I work all the time, I don't have much time for the guitar. So, if I decide to start practicing once a week, and keep adding every few weeks, I should be decent in no time! I want to play at church, I just don't got the skills yet. But, I will have those skills sooooon!! LOL

2) I-Touch apps // Create playlists

So many things I have that just collect dust. My i-pod being one of them. I have so many free apps that I don't use that are great. It just doesn't want to keep charge. But, all the free apps and free music. I can create hours of fun for myself! Plus, make a great workout mix while I'm at it.

1) Have fun on Pinterest 

Pinterest has so many great ideas, which can inspire me to do so many things that I haven't even mentioned on my list of free (or almost free) things to do. Like bake, craft, re-arrange my room, print out neat quotes. As well as take some pics of my own to add to pinterest! Add me on pinterest! And if you don't want have an account, just send me an email requesting an invite, and I'll send you one. My email is lmwilliams2009 {at} gmail {dot} com


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