11 November 2011

Expectations // 25 Before 26


Wow, I can't believe today is the big day. It seems so surreal to me and I don't know how I feel. On the one hand, I'm overjoyed that it is MY DAY! But, then I remember I am a quarter of a century old tomorrow! I'm so nervous. . . Why should I be nervous on the day of all days? Because, I want to make sure I have lived my life to the fullest. And to think that in only 25 years I will be fifty... Ok, I'm done thinking about that.

With everything, I have expectations about my birthday. I just know that everyone will remember, and there will be surprises around every corner and it will just be this magical day...

Wait, that dream wont come true? It's unrealistic, but every year I'm disappointed. This year is the first year I haven't asked for something that sounds selfish (I asked for work clothes), and I haven't even picked where I want to go out to eat with the family, I haven't planned anything with friends and I didn't take off at least part of my birthday.

I'm not complaining, just growing up! I will make tomorrow just as exciting even if there aren't any "surprises." My day will be what I make it... So, what's on the agenda for tomorrow?

November 11, 2011 - Agenda
6am - Time with God (What a great way to ring in a "new year" on this earth.
  :30 - Get ready for the day (pack for both jobs) And CLEAN (my room is such a pit)
8am - Breakfast (what should I have on my birthday??)
10am - Work at NWU (have I not told you about my new part time job??)
12pm - Lunch with Candice (how sweet is she, we're having sushi!!)
1pm - Meetings with prospective students for the rest of the afternoon
5pm - Get ready for work at the PNON (That's The Parthenon for short)
  :30 - Serve my little heart out with an extra big smile
11:11pm - Make a wish, c'mon... only twice in my life time will it be 11:11 on 11/11/11 (unless I live to be 125!).

Not the most  exciting day, but I'm going to make it fantastic!!

I'm not going to even go over what I did or didn't accomplish last year. But, my expectations are going to be a little bit different for my 25th year on this earth...

So here goes, my 25 before 26 (1-5)

  1. Create a work space in my room so that I can: Spend time with God Effectively, Craft Efficiently, Sew Effortlessly, and Read Easily.
  2. Not waste time during my days wishing for things, but actually making them happen.
  3. Spend daily time with God in prayer and Bible reading.
  4. Read the Bible in a Year  or less (I was so close to my goal last year)
  5. Keep my life clean of distractions, my room and car free of clutter, and my workspaces not littered with chaos.
The rest will be posted throughout the day!!

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