01 November 2011

Changes - Welcome November


There have been many changes over the past few months.
Good and bad.
But, all to better me in the areas I need growth.

I've seen a new job.
I've seen God provide, when there was no way for me to provide for myself.
I've seen new relationships.
Even a new blog url/twitter handle.
But, most of all I've seen a big change in me.

November marks my birthday month!
I will be celebrating all month long. With tutorials, giveaways, inspirational posts, and much more.

I have some big plans for this blog, but I really have to commit to writing and contributing. I also have to commit to reading my bible everyday. I need to realize that God wants my full attention all the time, not some attention a part of the time.

I am truly blessed, Happy First Day of November!

Countdown to my 25th: 10 Days! 11-11-11

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