12 July 2010

Catastrophically Ok Weekend

Ok, the weekend wasn't that bad... Except for a nasty stomach bug.
Just a few short hours after my last post (early, early Saturday Morning) I was plagued by the most awful stomach pains. They didn't leave and I think you know what happened next. 

On another note, even though I was just filled to my ears with ginger-ale, my singing went superb at the wedding. I have pics, but I will post them at a later date, once I sort through them. 

Not much else happened this weekend, except that I purchased a brand spanking new (remember that from the days of Doug?) bike last night.
Nothing special, just a bike from wallyworld. I'm sorry I sold out, but it was the cheapest new bike I could find, I was never able to find what I was looking for on Craigslist.com. 

It's an 18-speed beauty with nothing amazing about it. But, I'm hoping to buy a bike similar to this one, in a few short months. 

Then, I would have a mountain and a cruiser. I'm stoked. Hopefully some pics of the new bike and me around town with the new bike will surface up.

No great plans for today, just recovering (still). Have a wonderful monday, it's super dreary outside, but the sun is shining somewhere.

Also, VIVA ESPANA! They weren't my first choice, but oh well.

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