10 July 2010

Oh What A Night

Tonight was sooooooooo busy! I'm so tired. But, I have pictures to document the night!
First of all, I had a wedding rehearsal... Sorry no pictures for that. 
I was there to sing. :) Hopefully, we'll have pictures documenting the wedding soon.

Then, I stopped by the rehearsal dinner... Green Gateau! Yummy. I see a future birthday dinner there!

I look weird!

Cara and I enjoying our very delicious lemonades!

Then I rushed to the Saltdogs game and hung out with a few alums from NWU!
Me and Georg!

Georg, Tyler, and Carrie

We got to sing "Take Me Out To the Ball Game".

Then, last but not least it was this guys birthday:
Happy 2?, I'm not sure how old he is!

Here was a guy at his birthday... He looked like Rob Bell!!
                                                           Image thirty thousand people blog

Well that's all! Sometime this weekend I will post pics of my recent trip to MINN and seeing my wonderful VISTAs!
Night all!

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