16 July 2010

Biking and Blogging

I was going to go for a bike ride, but alas, it is still too hot.
So, I thought, why not blog. I don't have many readers, yet, but I do enjoying sharing what's going on.

My poor blog reader is stuffed with blogs I've added. I found so many today and also found some online classes I'm excited about.

I've already mentioned the Home Ec class from Smile and Wave!

Here are a couple more that have caught my eye...
Image courtesy of Run With Scissors
 Basically this class will help me design my own blog! I'm super excited. I'm tired of using layouts that really don't fit what I want up here! Click here for more info!
It's actually run by You Will Won't You! I've been emailing Courtney... She's very sweet!

Another one from Run With Scissors!

Click here if you want to know more info!!
I just signed up for this class. Only $10!

The last thing that caught my eye is Happy Mail!

This is the brainchild of Inspired Mess!
I'm still trying to decide if I want to invest in the last one. 

I've committed to HTML Yourself and Journaling for a Cause. And I'm pretty sure I will participate in the Home Ec class. Happy Mail is ongoing, so maybe another time!


  1. You know, you could use the Weary stationery bikes when it's hot outside. I've been thinking about doing this because the heat today was still terrible. I was outside gardening and I was sweating in places you cannot imagine. I read the blogs and they were interesting. Will read more about them

  2. Thanks for following my blog!

    I am hoping to take the Home Ec class too! I really want to learn how to use my sewing machine! haha!

    You should definitely do the Happy Mail sometime. I have done it a few times and I enjoyed it a lot. Great way to make friends. Jamie is so awesome!

  3. Wow!! What awesome classes!! I am stoked for the Home Ec class! Happy Mail is awesome! I did it for a month! Love it! Thanks for loving on my blog :)


  4. ps- what type of bike do you have?? I have a road bike...I love cycling!