16 July 2010


I've been quite busy these past couple days, preparing for my last hurrah at work. If you didn't already know, my position is only a year and my term will end August 6th. I've already procured a new job and will be starting Aug 9. I'm rather excited for a new twist. 

I've learned I'm not a huge office job fan. Sitting at a computer all day is not my forte. I'd rather be active. I'll have a little bit more flexibility and a lot more money. Depending on how many hours I get, I might apply for a second job.

Wednesday night, I decided to take a crack at some cupcakes. (I'm sorry there are no pictures). They were delish! I used this recipe (mad props to Not So Humble Pie)! I didn't do the whole brain thing, but I did do that frosting recipe... Yummy. I even heard things like, "These are the best cupcakes I've ever had."

This weekend I'm planning on: Making Woopie Pies (thanks to Bakerella) and Ginger Lemonade. Signing up to be a mark. representative. Working on some light crafting (make a list of crafts I want to do this fall/winter).

Things that are making me smile... Friday Edition
1. Online Sewing Class... Smile and Wave rocks!
Image courtesy of Smile and Wave

I'm definately signing up for that class!
2. Woopie Pies... See above link.
3. My brother is still in town.
4. Gap's sale... I got a cute pair of shorts and a pair of jeans under $40!
5. My new bike! Can you believe that it's been too hot to ride these past couple of days?
6. Netflix: To Kill a Mockingbird. Would you believe I've never seen all of that movie?
7. 2 new prints I bought for clothing. I'm hoping I can hop on the machine this weekend and teach myself how to follow a pattern!
8. Get some reading done this weekend: To Kill a Mockingbird and Emma.
9. I love that Inception is getting good reviews. I can't wait to see it. Maybe I'll drag the family downtown!
10. The fact that it's the weekend again and I have a pretty free schedule!

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