19 July 2010

It's Monday Already!!

Dear Blog Readers,
I can't believe it's Monday already! So much to do, so much to do. All weekend I have had horrendous back pains and I think it's time to finally go to a chiropractor. My mom says I should go to a physical therapist, but that would mean homework.

I didn't make my whoopie pies, lemonade, or cheese cake this weekend. But, I did get a lot of rest! Which is a good thing! I have a lot happening this week, so if my posts are a little light, I apologize in advance!

-Meeting to set up mark. makeup
-Small Group

-Maybe hanging out (not too late though)

-Volunteering for Special Olympics (630am - 645pm) ugh
-Prayer Group
-Hanging with a friend to plan Wyoming trip

-Meeting a friend to work on her wedding stuff

-Volunteering at the table (last day)

-Possible band practice
-Professor going away party


I am going to try and feature a different blog I'm enjoying once a week. Maybe when my readers increase I will do some interviews! That would be a lot of fun!

Let me know what you think!


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  1. Good Morning!!! Thanks so much for your blog comment! =) Courtney is so wonderful and I'm hoping to take that class as well! She's the one that redid my blog and I love it!!! She's amazing to work with! (& a wonderful person) Hope you have a fabulous day!!! xo -j