17 July 2010

Procrastinating Part 1

Today has been one of the laziest Saturday's in months. I should feel guilty, I should at least work on some crafting, but why is it I feel so lazy?

I thought I would let you know some of my projects and goals I have. 

I have a lot of books I'd like to read and I even have a google doc devoted to my reading lists, besides the numerous social media sites devoted to books.
Here are the books I'm currently reading:
1. Emma on Kindle
2. To Kill a Mockingbird
3. The Captive Bride
4. Crazy Love
5. The Pursuit of Love

I am subscribed to 11 magazines (was 12 magazines ELLE is over) and I am so behind.
Instead of trying to catch up. I'm going to read all the July issues and then read the oldest issues of each magazine.
1. allure - July
2. Glamour - July
3. Instyle - July
4. marie claire - July
5. neue - Spring
6. Nylon - June/July
7. ReadyMade - June/July
8. Real Simple - July
9. Relevant - July/Aug
10. RollingStone - July 8-22
11. Shape - July
*insert pic*

Plus I need to catch up... here are the current issues I'm catching up on:
1. Elle - Feb
2. Nylon - Feb
3. Real Simple - Feb
4. Relevant - Jan/Feb
5. Shape - Feb
6. marie claire - March
*insert pics*

The rest are sorted into months... I have  a lot of reading to do!

There is no cable in the house, so I rely on network websites, hulu, and Netflix.
Currently watching:
1. Pretty Little Liars
2. Hawthorne
3. Pysch

Online - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (Warning: very graphic)
Mail - To Kill a Mockingbird

I've had the materials to make this skirt since Nov... I just need to make it!

I just need to hand sew the bottom of a pair of jean shorts I converted from jeans.

I have all these beautiful fabrics, purchased with intentions to make dresses.
I just need to do some deep searching to find patterns I like.

I really want to participate in this class... Home Ec: Online Sewing Class for Beginners
Image courtesy of Smile and Wave
I just need to save up for it! $60  :(

I need to re-teach myself knitting. I can knit, but that's the only stitch I can do.
There is also crocheting. I can chain... :(
I need to get some beginner books from the library that are really basic and peruse youtube for some good how-to's.

I really need to get my butt into gear and ignore the heat so I can go on my runs and ride my bike.
I am currently on the couch-2-5k-plan...
But, I just can't seem to commit. It needs to be an everyday occurrence and not just a once in awhile thing.
Also, I have this gym membership and a personal trainer that I haven't taken advantage of since the beginning of this year. I need to get right on that. I need to lose about 45-50lbs.
1. Finish the Couch 2 5K Plan
2. Ride my bike for at least 5 hours a week
3. Get in some type of strength training
4. Lose 5lbs a month
5. Be ready for cruise in December
I think I'll have some sort of count down and goal, instead of procrastinating.

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