29 July 2010


Finally made the ginger lemonade. The rents say it's a success, I think it could be more gingery! 
Have to catch up on journaling.
Also, maybe on Sunday I'll make the cheesecake and whoopie pies...

On a good note! I rode my bike.
On a bad note, the bike had a flat tire (i just bought it!)
Had to get the tubing replaced at a local bike shop I rode to.
They suggested I take the bike back.
But I can't afford one of their sweet bikes!
What do I do??

This weekend is going to be so busy.
I will give you an update later tonight on my journal and maybe a recap on Sunday!

Things I've promised that have yet to happen...
Wedding pics
Recipes with pics...

Until then...


  1. I've never heard of ginger lemonade, will that be one of your recipes/photos? Sounds refreshing.

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