22 July 2010

Days Like Yesterday

Yesterday was the worst/best day ever!
I got to help out with the 2010 National Special Olympics held in Lincoln, NE.
(Side note: Yes, I live in Nebraska)

Let me first say, the athletes were amazing. Each and everyone of them. Tears are welling in my eyes thinking about them, and how much I miss them. 
I could see doing something like that for a living.
It was one of the top-ten experiences of my life!

Why was a the worst/best day?
Because everything that could go wrong did. 
But, all those wrong things, minus one were made right or as right as they could.
I don't feel like going into much detail but email me lmwilliams2009(at)gmail(dot)com if you want to know the scoop.

I feel like my life keeps filling up. House/dog sitting this weekend. One week till Kristy's wedding. Super excited about that! (I'm a bridesmaid). 

Haven't felt like blogging recently, but, I'm pushing through that! Maybe one day I'll have time to start working on my goals! That would be great!

BTdubs... I want these shoes
They're from Payless! I might have to go try those on today.

Ack... My list of things to do is haunting me:
1) Return library books
2) Talk to my new boss
3) Clean out car
4) Straighten Room (it's not that messy, but it's getting on my nerves)
5) Clean restroom (brother's in town and it's hard to keep it clean)
6) Laundry (this is something that can't be overlooked anymore)
Plus, I have a two, possibly three meetings this afternoon and a lunch date (Happy Birthday, Abigail!)
And, maybe even miniature golfing!

Ok, I need to get back to work. Just felt like I needed to give an update...
I thought it would be quick. Sorry!

Have a wonderful Thursday.
Tomorrow's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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