30 July 2010

Prompts 2 & 3

Journal Prompt 2:  I am a huge fan of writing out my goals, short term and long term.  I thought it would be appropriate to have some journaling goals for ourselves too!!  What are your goals for your journaling?

My Journal Goals:
  • To learn a new craft and not compare my journal with others
  • To teach myself to consistently journal
  • To push myself to creatively think outside the box, even when I don't feel like journaling

    Journal Prompt:  Today is all about altering a repeat image :)  Copy an image, or images, multiple times using a copy machine, or scanner and print the images in black and white.  Use different writing tools to alter your images in many different styles.  (If you don't have access to a copier of any kind, alter images from a magazine or old pictures, do it your way and it will be awesome).

    I'm having fun! Sorry for the horrible pics! 
    When I have time, I will get better images!

    Almost done with prompt 4. I have the design, just need to finish the execution!

    Good night.


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